Overcoming 16 year old kidney issues naturally!

Anant was born with only one functional kidney and learnt about the same when he was merely 3 years of age. He tried to deal with this condition by following everything that his doctors recommended. However, when his condition worsened and he was given a deadline for the only functional kidney’s transplant, he decided to give natural lifestyle a genuine try. This is an inspiring story of a teenager who is now enjoying his good health.


Anant Sharma

18 years, Student (B.A 1st year)



The unusual way of life

In 2003, I was merely 3 years old when I found out that I had a kidney issue. My right kidney was just a ball of mass which was not capable of performing any proper function. The doctor began the necessary medications and informed my parents that it would have to be removed as I grow older. Being a young toddler, who was unaware of the gravity of this situation, I thought my life was pretty normal. As I began to grow older, I fell prey to infections, fever, and cough regularly. I used to have swollen eyes and feet. My haemoglobin was always low and I felt that my body growth had stagnated. Also, it was difficult for me to fathom why I was consuming so many medicines at such a young age! The course of medication continued till 2008 when I was operated upon and the right kidney (the mass of ball; as the doctor called it), was removed.

Even though I would fall less ill now and immunity was slightly better, I could see the side effects. I used to get tired very quickly and my creatinine level had increased to a staggering level of 7! I was baffled as after the operation; my medicines had doubled. I was having ten tablets and five syrups a day and yet; these results were frustrating.

However, as advised by my doctors, I continued taking medicine. In Feb 2017, I got my blood tests done again, and this time the creatinine had reached 4.8 level. Creatinine is a waste product that is removed from body by kidneys. It is released through urine and tests measure its amount in the blood/or urine. It should ideally be in the range of 0.5 – 1. Even though mine was lower than the earlier level I had got in the tests, my doctors had given me an ultimatum. According to them, I was given a deadline of 3 months at max, post which I would have to go for a left kidney transplant. They further explained how there was an increasing load on my left kidney after the operation, and now it could bear no more pressure. Disheartened and dejected, we prepared ourselves for it. My father (being the donor) and I, went through the procedural tests and resigned to our fate.


A knock on the door!

Call it a coincidence or a message from the God, during the same time as I was preparing myself for the impending operation, my paternal uncle Vipin had attended a workshop conducted by The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai. Commonly known as THAC, this institution believes in aligning people with the laws of nature for good health. My uncle advised me to attend THAC’s 3-day workshop that was being conducted in March. I had already hit an all-time low and thus as the final resort, I attended the workshop. THAC told me that my condition was reversible if I modified my diet completely. They made me understand that food can bring miraculous results to one’s body that medicines can never. It was their conviction and explanation of the functioning of human body that sparked a little hope in me. Soon after (March 2017), I decided to discontinue my medication and opted for the natural process of healing whole heartedly. So,

Here are the key actions that I took:

  • I started consuming a lot of fruits, especially pomegranate. It was surprising as my doctors had refrained me from its consumption. But according to THAC, pomegranate would assist in haemoglobin balance in the body. Thus, I started consuming only fruits in breakfast.
  • For lunch, I ate a big bowl of salad which comprised of tomatoes, beetroot, cucumber, carrot, and radish. I did not add table salt to it and if necessary, chose to use rock salt instead.
  • At times, I included one cooked meal in my lunch. It contained steamed veggies, daal, and jowar roti without any oil/ghee. After taking this cooked meal, I took a lemon shot within next 30 minutes. The lemon shot comprises of half lemon juice and little ginger juice with 60 ml water. It removed blockages in my nerves and removed the impurities in blood.
  • I consumed green tea with moong dal sprouts as an evening snack.
  • For dinner, I consumed any seasonal fruit. THAC was very clear in telling me that I should eat 1 type of fruit at a time and not repeat the fruit I had consumed in the morning, in dinner.
  • I cut-off dairy, wheat, sugar, and processed foods completely.
  • I consumed vegetable juices that kept me energetic and refreshed.

I followed this till April end and then took up the blood test. I was delighted to see that my creatinine level had reduced from 4.8 to 2.4. Also, I was feeling healthier and happier from the inside.

In March 2018, as I went for my medical check-up, my creatinine had further dropped to 1.4! It was a high point in my entire journey as finally I was getting closer to the normal level of 0.5 - 1. My family was elated at this improvement and were joyous as I had received a second life, thanks to the power of nature.


The journey continues

As my uncle saw my progress, he further advised me to attend Dr Arun Sharma’s seven-day programme in March 2018 in Delhi to deepen my understanding of Nature Cure. The program introduced me to another aspect of holistic healing: movement. I participated in this course and got involved in the art of yoga. I did asanas like Surya Namaskar, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Tadasana, and Bhujangasana too. As I integrated yoga into my lifestyle, I received multiple benefits. I was feeling stronger, healthier and more peaceful. I shared my journey of trials, tribulations and final victory at the program with the people, and they all were inspired by this change.


Today, I follow the same diet and healthy lifestyle and have been medicine-free since March 2017! My creatinine level has stabilised in the normal range. From living through the horrible days when I had to prepare myself for a kidney transplant, to now living a healthy life; I feel truly blessed. I am excited to begin a new chapter in my life and want to make the most of it as I had suffered through my entire childhood. Now in the pink of health, I enjoy my life as a teenager and aspire to achieve greater things in life through my willpower and dedication. My parents are equally elated and thankful for my recovery through a natural lifestyle.

I hope my story inspires people on this platform, and they all realize that impossible is just a state of mind.


(About Anant Sharma: I am a student who enjoys listening to music, playing the guitar, and reading books. I want to motivate people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and eating habits to lead disease and medicine-free life.)

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I got goosebumps reading this story. wish you all the best Anant.


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Such a blessing. Very inspiring ! Stay blessed Ananth


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Inspiring journey for many .....nature s the ultimate healer 💕💕


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Thanks a lot !@😊


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Truely inspiring,all the best Ananth may life offer the best😊

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