Nature helped me heal from Asthma, Thyroid, PCOD, Alopecia & Depression

Chaithra was suffering from childhood asthma, thyroid and post-natal depression. The death of her mother pushed her deeper into depression. With the help of lifestyle counselling from her cousin, she experienced magical healing from all these health conditions and PCOS & Alopecia too. She gained control over her life again. Here is her story.



32 yrs, Math and Science Teacher


How it all began?

I was suffering from asthma since childhood and was dependent on inhalers. In 2011, after my wedding, I moved to the US. I was eating a typical south Indian vegetarian diet. I had stopped working too and was leading a sedentary lifestyle which led me to gain weight. I didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking it to be the usual post-marriage effect. I also started experiencing irregular periods. After a few tests as prescribed by gynecologist, I found out I had a thyroid issue and was prescribed with levothyroxine medication.

In the middle of 2013, my husband was posted to India again. Life went on and I gave birth to my baby girl in 2014. Soon after, I was diagnosed with post-natal depression. I was trying my best to fulfil my duties as a new parent and manage myself too. So by the end of 2016, I was battling with asthma, thyroid problem and depression.

The unthinkable happened

As I was trying to recuperate from my health issues, I was struck by an incident that took away the wind beneath my wings. My mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer passed away by the end of 2016. I felt I had hit an all-time low as my confidante, my pillar of strength was no more in the world. I went into deep depression. I sought professional help and my treatment for depression continued with prescription drugs for the next 1.5 years.

Overcoming the loss of a dear one is never easy. You know you’ll never see them again or hear their voice. That mental agony was unbearable. But my struggles did not end here. I was soon detected with alopecia; a condition that leads to sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches that may overlap. My doctor suggested that I go for steroid injections on my scalp.

This was it!

I put my foot down and decided to look for alternative treatments to heal myself completely. I had so many health conditions and medicines were not helping. The one reliable person whom I could count on was my cousin’s wife, Smitha Hemadri. I knew that she had in-depth knowledge about Nature Cure as she’d also introduced my mother to healthy juices when she was battling cancer. Seeing my mom suffering during her chemotherapy treatment had scarred me deeply and I was on a mission to heal myself. I contacted her immediately and what was to come was magical.

The transformation began

Smitha helped me understand that all my health issues were related and we had to look at the cause. She asked me to switch over to a predominantly raw diet gradually.

From July 2017, I started on a cleaner diet by following these points:

  • I consumed diluted lemon juice in the morning followed by fresh seasonal fruits.
  • For lunch, I would eat raw veggies salad that comprised of cucumbers, carrot, fresh lettuce, and beetroot or whatever was in season.
  • I consumed one cooked meal a day at night.

In essence, it was a wheat-free, dairy-free, plant-based diet.

At the same time, I got a new job to engage my mind more effectively. I had begun coming out of my depression. I also believe that eating fresh, living foods helped me as mind and body are interconnected.

Diagnosed with PCOS

In Nov 2017, I got diagnosed with PCOS. I took this as a challenge to make further changes. Sometimes, I had resorted to eating two cooked meals a day due to lack of time but decided to try even harder to improve my state of health.

Now I also incorporated exercise into my daily routine.

When I suffered healing crises i.e. colds, coughs, fevers I knew my body was cleansing and throwing out toxins and hence I used to remain on a liquid diet and eat only fresh fruits to aid the cleansing process.

The results began to show slowly but steadily. By March 2018, I was finally able to bid goodbye to my inhalers for asthma and also stopped my thyroid medication. By Nov 2018, I went for a routine check-up again and was happy to see that the cysts had disappeared. My thyroid levels were also normal and am happy to say my hair has regrown where I had bald patches. I was PCOD, asthma, alopecia and thyroid free!

I was relieved that all my hardwork had paid off and my health was restored; thanks to the power of a natural lifestyle.


Dealing with all health issues and finally finding solace in Nature built my faith in the power of a healthy and natural lifestyle. Today, I lead a stable life; physically, mentally and spiritually as well. I continue to follow my diet plan and exercise regimen as it keeps me fit and strong. Some of the times, I switch to 2 cooked meals in a day when I have added work pressure but I make sure to strike a balance in the coming days.

I hope my story inspired all those who have been suffering from chronic issues and gives them hope to take charge of their lives.


(About Chaithra S Prasad- Chaithra is a Math and Science teacher by profession. She is an avid reader and does crocheting in her free time. She is also pursuing her PG Diploma from IGNOU and enjoys listening to Carnatic Classical Music.)


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12:30 PM | 02-12-2019

Very inspiring,your will power has paid off😊


04:26 AM | 29-11-2019

Well done Chaitra ! You have come a long way

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