If She Can, You Can: Cancer Recovery Story-Nature Cure Based Healing from Colon Cancer

Moumita Chowdhury Sarkar came from a loving family and was living a normal life till a diagnosis of colon cancer shook her world and changed her as a person. Battling odds, family tragedies and multiple rounds of chemo, it revealed her inner strength, the importance of faith and loving people who were there for her. Read her inspiring story of resilience and courage.

Moumita Chowdhury Sarkar

36 years, Housewife


It was the first day of 2019. All of us at home were preparing to welcome in the new year. I noticed a slight back pain which, by the next day, had moved to my lower abdomen. I ignored it, charting it up to period pains. However, within a day, I started looking very blood drained and pale. I felt nauseous and lost bladder control. My concerned family immediately rushed me to the hospital and numerous tests were done but the problem was unclear. 

By  6th January, it had gotten so bad that no hospital wished to take me in. My husband was running between hospitals late into the night, trying to find me some amount of care. Finally, through my acquaintance, Mita Modak from Daffodil hospital, I finally got the reference of a small nursing home that was willing to take up my case.

On Jan 8, Dr. Anirban Mukherjee checked my reports and immediately suggested an operation. I was told to expect a survival chance of 5% and a life in a coma or on a ventilator even if I survived. All my well-wishers gathered at the hospital. It felt like my last goodbye.

During the operation, it was found that 30 cm of my colon was completely rotten and filled with pus. A portion of the small intestine (distal part) and the large intestine (ascending colon) were cut out. A colostomy operation was performed wherein the remaining colon was cleaned and kept outside my body. Miraculously, the operation was a success and I regained consciousness.

After my operation, I had to relearn how to walk, get up or even move from side to side. Dr. Anirban personally and patiently helped me with this process. I owe this second lease of life entirely to Dr Anirban.

A History of Suppression and Bad Lifestyle

As a child, I was severely asthmatic and treated with antibiotics.  By class 6, I was facing severe menstruation problems.

As an adult, I was addicted to chewing pan (almost 20 packets a day) and was also an occasional social smoker and drinker. After losing my mother-in-law, with whom I shared a very close relationship, I was depressed. I had developed insomnia and sometimes used to sleep as late as 4 a.m.

In 2006, I had a viral attack which left a part of my lung stiff like a stone. I used to be tired all the time. In early 2019, my body was already giving me warning signals – I had experienced blackouts a couple of times but I had ignored them.

Looking back, I now understand how my body was talking to me and showing me the symptoms of ill health.

Diagnosis of Colon Cancer

In the meantime, my biopsy report showed that I had 2nd stage colon cancer. My oncologist did not give me much assurance of survival. March  2019 onwards, I was to take 6 rounds of chemo.  I was shocked and in denial.  I felt my world falling apart. 

I finally pulled myself together and started looking for natural ways to heal myself. I started having fruit and veg juices. Though I had stopped having rich, oily foods, I was still having acidic foods like egg, curd, tea, nonveg, etc. I didn’t know any better.

Moving to a Nature Cure Diet

In April 2019, I met Nature Cure educator Smitha Hemadri who immediately shifted me to a natural raw diet. I stopped dairy, refined flours, sugar, oil, and salt. She assured me that I could heal. I trusted her advice completely as I instinctively felt a deep bond with her. The changes required were big and tough, but I was determined. My children needed me.  I learned to overcome my cravings and started enjoying juices and salads.

My Experience With Chemotherapy

In the meantime,  I had started with chemotherapy. I took 8 rounds of chemo. Earlier rounds of chemo left me bedridden and exhausted but I observed as weeks passed with a high raw diet, that I did not experience the typical symptoms of chemo like nausea, back pain, loss of hair or tiredness to a high degree. I was energetic and positive. My body had begun to show results.

It was a tough balancing act between raw and cooked food, between expectations of the concerned family who wanted me to eat protein-rich foods vs nature-given foods, and my own mental and spiritual balance. Smitha held my hand throughout this phase, counseling me mentally and spiritually. The entire period changed me as a person, inside out.

Healing Crisis

A healing crisis is when the body puts in extraordinary efforts to throw out toxins. I experienced it multiple times. Since my colon was outside my body, I could see and learn how the treatment or even different foods were affecting my body. 

After my 4th round of chemo, I started noticing pus collection in my colon. I was in a lot of pain and was advised medication. Following Smitha’s advice, I instead opted for a cold compress with banana leaves and a wet towel on my abdomen to manage the pain. I saw the body detoxing- the stitches used during the operation were thrown out with the pus. There were also blisters on my colon. I trusted my body and waited it out.

This elimination went on for a period of 3 months till I healed completely. 

Scanning confirms what I already knew

In October of 2019, my doctor asked me to go for a PET scan to check for the presence of cancerous cells. I kept postponing the scan as I was doing very well, felt energetic and in my heart, felt like a completely new, healed Moumita.  But it was a necessary step before I could go for the operation which would put my colon back into my body. 

Finally, In February of  2020, I went for a scan. At the scan centre, people were shocked that I was taking no extra medication and had healed with a raw natural lifestyle. I was ecstatic. Prayers had poured in for me from all quarters and I was happy to share this news with them.

Tragedy Strikes

The colostomy reversal operation was scheduled for March of 2020 but a major tragedy struck my life when my dad passed away due to COVID19.

I was distraught. My pillar of strength was no more.

During this traumatic period in quarantine, although I was doing my best with raw foods, I had to eat what was offered to me as I was under lockdown in a quarantine center. My colon started developing blisters again. I was emotionally imbalanced. I couldn’t even attend my father’s last rites. With Smitha’s rock-solid support and her counseling, I  regained my strength and courage.

Putting My Colon Back

Finally, on Oct 27th, my colostomy reversal operation was scheduled. I prepared myself by being on a high raw diet. During the 5 hour-long operation, Dr Anirban worked his magic again and it was a success. He complimented me on my determination and discipline and supported me on my high raw vegan lifestyle.

The prayers and well wishes of my friends and family had worked. God had given me a new lease of life, yet again.

Post-operation, I was highly constipated and started taking enema once a day. I am presently on a juice diet while I wait for my body and colon to completely heal.

Healing is Holistic

A few routine activities that kept me going were sunbathing, walks, the special Twin Heart meditation that Smitha taught me, and reading spiritual books. They kept me balanced and played a big role in my healing process. 


The universe has given me so many lessons to learn, define reality and create a new life. My gratitude to the almighty spirit for gifting me such life experiences and people who helped me. I  thank my surgeon, Dr. Anirban Mukherjee, who took my case against all odds, my oncologist, Dr. Kaustav Majumdar who waived my fees many times, my husband for his loving care and support, my parents and friends, Lt Colonel Seema David, Lt Colonel Hemlata, Dr. Colonel Joshi and the entire team of Command hospital who looked after my dad during the pandemic when I could not be with him. I would also like to thank Arnab Mukhopadhyay, AVP Anondo reporter, who helped with my father’s cremation.

Last but not least, I thank Smitha who I call my angel and my ‘ma’ who taught me about abundance and natural healing.

My journey with natural healing and spirituality continues. I am now the best version of myself. By sharing my story I want to tell you that we are created by nature and only nature has the healing power. I wish to help those who are going through a diagnosis of cancer. 

I wish you all a joyous and abundant 2021. May it bring good health and harmony to the world around us.

About Moumita Choudhury Sarkar: Moumita is 36 years old, a housewife and mother of 2 kids residing in Kolkata. She loves cooking, meeting new people and artwork. In her spare time, she loves listening to spiritual talks and updating herself with natural ways of healing.

Disclaimer: The health journeys, blogs, videos and all other content on Wellcure is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered a ‘medical advice’ ‘prescription’ or a ‘cure’ for diseases. Any specific changes by users, in medication, food and lifestyle, must be done under the guidance of licensed health practitioners. Wellcure believes that each human body is unique and hence no Health Journey should be construed as a "cure". The views expressed by the user in the above Health Journey are his/her personal views and Wellcure claims no responsibility for them.

06:26 PM | 15-03-2022

I also wanted to know for lower abdomen pain, how long did you do wet packs?


06:25 PM | 15-03-2022

Hello mam it was a very brave of you to share your journey. Thanks a lot it's inspiring.


06:33 PM | 24-06-2021

Great,very inspiring story


06:54 AM | 05-02-2021

STRONG WILL POWER... Supported By Natural VEGAN Diet... Amazing...!!!


09:17 PM | 28-12-2020

Speechless after reading this story of sheer power of nature!! Thanks for sharing ...this is an inspiration for some and hope for others!

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