Listening To My Body Got Me Freedom From Ulcerative Colitis

Since childhood Yukti was a patient of ulcerative colitis. She spent many years taking medicines that were prescribed to her for a lifetime. However, the traumatic flare-ups in her condition continued. She was frustrated and decided to go by her sister’s advise to meet The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai (THAC). She learnt about listening to the body’s signals and taking corrective actions that are in line with nature’s rules. She got rid of ulcerative colitis, became medicine free and gained complete control of her health. Here is her story.

Yukti Kapoor
39 years, Home maker

Difficult times early-on in life

I had been suffering from a problem called Ulcerative Colitis. It’s an ailment where you have blisters in your intestine, the cause wasn’t clear. My doctor told me it could be because of stress or street food or anything that my body wasn’t accepting.

I was just 12 years old when it started, erratic loose motions, anytime and anywhere. There were other symptoms too, such as blisters in mouth and lips. I couldn’t eat fruits because i thought fruits were triggering my condition.

By the time i was 22, the problem became severe. I consulted many doctors in Delhi and was recommended surgery. There was one doctor who did not recommend surgery, but put me on lifelong pills. I had to be very regular in taking these medicines. Even if I missed them for a day or two, I used to bleed badly, in my motions and in vomiting.

We lived in a joint family. One of my sisters followed The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai (THAC). She knew what I was going through and told me many times to meet them. But I didn’t pay much attention. I used to think my doctor is taking care of me, I am taking my medicines and surgery is not needed.

The turning point

10-11 years later, something went really wrong. I was married by that time and had shifted to London. Though i was regularly taking my medicines, my condition worsened and doctors there gave up saying they cannot do much about it. All this while I was in touch with my doctor in India and he advised me to come back. So, I immediately flew back to India and was admitted to the hospital. I was again cured by medicine, through a higher dose. That’s when it occurred to me that let me get in touch with THAC. I attended their workshop in Delhi in March 2015 and that’s when I realized what I was doing to myself.

New course of action – without medicines

THAC gave me a proper chart of what i need to do and encouraged me to stop my medication immediately. I was really worried, I had seen how my body reacted on not taking medicine. It took me a few days to convince myself, but then i decided to stop medication and give this a good shot.

Small changes, big impact

After a week, my intestine blisters started coming to my mouth and my mouth was full of blisters. For 15 days I was without cooked food, I was on vegetable juices and fruits, and majorly on coconut water. I was doing gargles with coconut water and pure honey. On the 15th day, I realized my blisters are gone, my intestine was healing. When I got my endoscopy done after 15 days, my doctor was shocked!

The new life – fearless, independent & happy

Since 2015, I am not on medication. I take care of my fruit diet in the morning, seasonal fruits especially. Now I eat fruits without feeling stressed out that will it suit me or not. I never had papaya in my childhood, but now I can eat it. I can eat watermelon, I can enjoy every fruit I want to. I take vegetable juices before meals. I don’t take milk and wheat products at all. I take nuts before sleeping, I rest every 2 hours.

The best part is now I don't have to go back to anyone and say now I am constipated or now I have loose motions or now I am unable to sleep properly. I know what signs my body is giving. I can really listen to it and work accordingly.

I had acute migraine issues, after delivering my child in 2011. But with the new lifestyle, it went away.

Learnings for a lifetime

Earlier I was famous in my house for eating paranthas every day, with a bowl of curd. I used to take fruit juices in the night, after meals. I was so manipulated by food that oh, 1 o’clock I am supposed to have my lunch and again 9 o’clock I am supposed to have my dinner, same with breakfast. I didn’t ask myself at that time am I really hungry, does my body need food right now? My mindset had to be changed!

I got the clarity of listening to my body, knowing the food I eat and to live life in a healthy way. Earlier it was all haywire, I wasn’t clear about why my body was reacting in a particular way or why I was getting this ailment, why there was a headache, why was I unable to eat a particular food, etc. I got aware, I learnt to listen to my body.

(About Yukti Kapoor: Yukti is a home maker and an affectionate mother to an 8 year old boy. She likes to spend a lot of quality time with her son. She also enjoys cooking & dancing.)


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