I Reversed My Diabetes, High Bp, Cholesterol & Being Overweight

Pramod Pathak led a carefree life. Smoking, drinking, eating junk, doing barbecue dinners were all a regular part of his weekends. He was overweight, but never paid much attention to his health till he was diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol. He came across Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury on the internet. He learnt how his lifestyle caused the health issues, he learnt how all diseases in the body are interlinked & one leads to the other if not treated from the root cause. He made changes in his life & now is illness-free, medicine-free & full of life. Here is his story.

Pramod Pathak
49 years, Government of India Employee
Vrindavan, Mathura

Carefree lifestyle

In Jan 2016, I was 47 years old, smoking, drinking, 108 Kgs and all junk food outlets were my favorite choice for dinners. I am a fairly good cook and Sunday barbecue had been a family affair for years. Physical activity was almost zero due to desk job and late night parties were a regular affair.

In a routine annual health check up, my results were out of line - my blood pressure was 160/110, all cholesterol readings were higher than 350 and my fasting/PP blood sugar readings were 297/387. My HBA1C was 9.9℅. I was diagnosed diabetic and primary hypertension. Doctor prescribed about 18 tablets a day!!

Family history of diabetes

Diabetes, as a disease was not new to me. My mother, wife and in-laws were diabetic. I had been taking them to doctors, checking their sugar levels at home and getting their dosage of insulin injections , metformins & glymiperides regularly. When doctor inquired about family history, I very proudly rattled it out as a jingle. In a way i was happy having completed the last hurdle in achieving‘A Complete Sweet Family Trophy’.

With a sense of pride, I rang up my father-in-law to announce the achievement and all hell broke loose. The one sided conversation experienced by me was like the artillery fire of thousand guns (my father-in-law is a veteran gunner). He got very angry that I have been telling you to eat well, control your weight, monitor your blood pressure & cholesterol. He told me how diabetes was related to hypertension, cholesterol & obesity. This was something very new to me. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, i thought it meant you get extra sugar in the blood & you take a tablet to control it. I thought it was as simple as you have fever, take a tablet & the fever goes down. I never bothered about the disease and what is the root cause of it.

Thanks to the service provider, the phone got disconnected after 39 minutes. But this conversation changed my outlook towards diabetes. I still remember the date, it was 23 Jan 2016.

In a nutshell, this routine check up was God sent wake up call and I fortunately had all ears to it.

Knowing more about diabetes

Doctors had prescribed numerous more tests & I was required to be admitted in the hospital for a week. This gave me an opportunity to discover diabetes holistically.

I started researching on my own and I came across Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury. He had a video on YouTube - “Reverse diabetes in 72 hours”. I saw the video & kept taking down notes. I ordered his book “How to reverse diabetes in 72 hours” online. I bought a recipe book, for the first time in my life, i paid for a recipe book in PDF format !! There were some suggestions in the video regarding steamed food, so I ordered two steamers online.

I armed my self with every piece of knowledge on diabetes on the Internet. Armed with my weapons of diabetes destruction, I got discharged from hospital on 30th of Jan 2016.

What I learnt about diabetes

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. In the last three to four decades, our food has got contaminated. This is due to commercialization of food. The ever increasing population has also forced mankind to scientifically discover better options and unfortunately, we have genetically modified our food. This has altered food’s natural constituents and in turn caused diseases like diabetes. Diabetes thus is a manifestation of breakdown of our natural metabolism. Lifestyle change covering food and daily routine is the one requisite to reverse diabetes.

Whole plant based diet

I decided to shift towhole plant based natural foods. The more you consume a food in its natural state, i.e. in its whole form, the faster is the digestion. Whole foods are also easier to absorb by the body, in terms of nutrition & the waste material is easier to eliminate. On the other hand, non-plant foods or non-whole foods (refined & processed) are difficult for the body to digest, absorb & eliminate. Hence, they interfere in the healing process.

The crucial next 7 days

In terms of food, i increased my raw food intake I took 80℅ raw foods. This meant taking fruits for breakfast, salad of raw vegetables for lunch and dinner. The reason for choosing raw food was that raw meals can be digested faster than a cooked meal. I was ensuring that I eat easy-to- digest food, so that body has lesser of digestion work to do and it can focus on taking care of the ailment I have.

In addition to changing the way I ate, I worked on other aspects of healing. I did the following:

  1. One hour of sitting in sun daily - The best time to sit in the sun is 2 hours after sunrise and 2 hrs before sunset.
  2. One hour of deep breathing exercises daily - I would combine this with sitting in the sun. Deep breathing helps in increasing the oxygen content in your blood & with that the absorption of food & elimination of toxins will happen properly.

The seventh day - My wife, who had been diabetic for last 12 years, was very patiently watching what I was doing. She was very critical about it, she was of the opinion that diabetes is chronic and genetic. I was checking my blood sugar and blood pressure daily. At about five o'clock in the evening, I checked my blood sugar and it was 80. I started from about 400 and within 6-7 days it came down to 80 !! This was the seventh day of my whole plant based diet. I stopped all diabetes medication based on my learnings about the ideal sugar levels in the human body, going too low on sugar can lead to serious health issues.

Diabetes free plus other benefits for life

I continued following the whole plant based natural foods regime alongwith regular sun bathing & deep breathing. Within a month or two, i was able to discontinue cholesterol and blood pressure medicines too. Today i lead a medicine free life. I also lost a lot of weight in the process. I was 108 and came down to 78 in just a matter of one year!!

Family impact

Seeing my results, my family was motivated to try the new lifestyle. My wife was diabetic for 12 years. She was unable to walk even a km. Now she is also off diabetes medication since Dec 2017. She has lost weight & feels very energetic now. She runs 10 Km daily, five in the morning and five in the evening.

My mother was diabetic for last 18 years. Since Oct 2017, she has not taken any diabetes medication. She has also lost weight & feels more energetic. At the age of 70+, she is enjoying her independence to move around on her own or travel alone.

The new way of life

I eat whole plant based foods & try to include a lot of raw. Today it has become a way of life. But apart from food, there is so much more i have added in my life now. I have learnt about the importance of fasting for good health, i practice it often. I meditate regularly, also 5 minutes of prayer in the morning after waking up & in the evening is a must . I continue to sit in the sun and exercise regularly.

I took my diabetes issue head-on & treated it because i understood the power of the body & how everything is interlinked. Basically, if there is more sugar in your blood, then there is more viscosity, which leads to high blood pressure, more stress on kidney, etc. This is true not just for diabetes, but all issues in the body.

I decided to share my diabetes reversal story to help others. I will continue with my endeavor to empower numerous others to permanently get rid of diabetes.

(About Pramod Pathak: A graduate in MSc, Pramod is an employee of the GOI. His hobbies include reading, travelling, photography & blogging. He is deeply committed to the cause of spreading good health. His website and his online presence through various social networks are a step towards this cause.)


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Looking younger sir. Very inspiring

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