I took care of cysts & fibroids naturally

Pooja Malhotra

Natural Healing Enthusiast

10:15 AM | 31-07-2019

Pooja was struggling with cysts and fibroids. A painful surgery and medicines also couldn’t give her permanent relief. A family member inspired her to explore healing through nature. Pooja learnt about the body’s self healing powers and made changes in her life. Soon enough she experienced the miracle of regaining her health naturally. Read her inspiring story here.

Pooja Malhotra
42 years, Cyber Security Expert

Cysts and surgery, yet no respite

I started having bloating and severe abdominal pains, especially prior to and during my menstrual cycle in 2013, I was 37 years old then. Not being able to bear it anymore, I went to the hospital. After a full body check up, I was told I had ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids with inflammation and infection in the uterus linings. I was given some pain killers, but the pain still continued.

Then, in 2014, my gynecologist advised laparoscopy (for removal of cysts and fibroids) since the cyst in my left ovary had grown to almost the size of an orange. She said it was a non-invasive, pain free surgery and that I would recover very fast, within 3-5 days. I did undergo this in September 2014 but my recovery was far from fast. In spite of good post operative care, it took me almost 3-4 weeks to be back on my feet again. Still, I thought at least now I had got rid of my cysts and the pain was worth it.

However, two years later, I started facing the same challenges – pain and bloating in the lower abdomen. A new cyst was diagnosed, this time in my right ovary. My gynecologist again advised laparoscopy, because according to her there was no other way of getting rid of cysts and recurring infection. She said my condition was incurable. Further, she recommended that after the surgery I should take steroids and some other medicines in order to induce menopause artificially. She felt that this was the only solution to my problem. The thought of going under the knife again and weeks of unbearable pain devastated me.

I went for a second opinion to another gynecologist and she said the same thing. I just did not know what to do, whom to turn to.

Angel to the rescue

At that point, my brother-in-law Gaurav, who had healed himself from diabetes and thyroid, through Dr Salila Tiwari, a renowned Nature Cure expert, asked me to take her advice.

He said, “To follow nature cure therapy, you need to have either fear or inspiration. If you don’t get better after a while, rethink but do try it out at least for two weeks”, he implored. I told him, “I have both – fear (of being on that operation table again) and inspiration (because I have seen you recover from diabetes, after having suffered for ten years)”. With a hope in my heart and a prayer on my lips, I did go to see Dr. Tiwari, without really expecting a miracle.

Dr Tiwari spoke to me and said that a cyst was nothing but a false growth caused due to accumulation of toxins and excessive dietary protein. I suddenly felt very relaxed as I was told that I could easily get rid of my cysts, even though the fibroids might take a little longer to dissolve. She recommended a two week ‘detox plan’ that included a diet chart (strictly no salt, no sugar, no tea, and no coffee), nature cure treatments such as mud pack, kunjal neti, jal neti, enema and morning walks, along with yoga -pranayam. She sent someone to my house to help me with the kriyas, in the morning.

Just like with any other diet plan, during the initial two-three days it was a bit difficult to control cravings and temptations. However, haunted by the fears of my previous surgery and remembering my brother-in-law’s advice, I held tight and followed Dr. Tiwari’s advice with zero deviation. Surprisingly, my energy levels were high and my body felt light! She asked me to continue the plan for another two weeks.

New learnings

At the end of four weeks, I felt rejuvenated. Around the same time Dr. Tiwari conducted a course in nature cure and I attended her weekend classes. Learning the principles and practices of nature cure, I realized that there is an inseparable link between diet and health – making the right food choices can improve the quality of life.

From being a hard core meat eater, I turned into a pure vegetarian and gave up milk too. I followed a regular routine of yoga and walks. I started eating a lot of vegetables and fruits. Soon, I became completely pain free and healthy.

Another important aspect that I learnt was that our body has a natural self healing mechanism but by putting in allopathic medicines, we suppress our own healing powers, treating symptoms and not the disease.

Cysts and fibroid free

Though I was feeling better, I did go to the hospital again for completely validating that I had made the right choice. We do after all, need to reassure ourselves always. I certainly was not disappointed.

The doctors were absolutely surprised by my ultrasound reports which showed that I was completely free of cysts and even my fibroids had disappeared. It was a miracle!

Daughter’s recovery from asthma

In 2017, I went to see Dr Tiwari again for consultation on my hair fall. At that time, my 11 year old daughter was with me. My daughter had been suffering from asthma and bronchitis since she was 11 months old. Being a qualified pharmacologist, I knew that long term use of steroids could do more harm than good.

It's easy to study and learn that patients suffer from the intense side effects due to these strong medications but it's so difficult to see your loved ones undergo the same.Every time I nebulized my young child with a steroid, the mother within me wept. Knowing the damage these drugs were doing to her infantile body and still administering them was heart wrenching. I was helpless then, however. She would be breathless, coughing and wheezing. The only choice I had at that point was to pump those medicines down her throat to relieve her congestion.

She always carried an inhaler with her. When Dr Tiwari saw her, she herself asked her if she would like to breathe normally. She nodded and Dr Tiwari immediately told her it is definitely possible for her and that as a child she had tremendous vitality to recover from any ailment. Her journey began that very day and through nature cure, she was completely healed the very same month. For the first time in her life, that year, she enjoyed Diwali instead of dreading it.

Apart from overcoming her disease, like me, she too started understanding how the body works and heals naturally, without relying on drugs.

Becoming our own doctors

The understanding that we can heal ourselves by simply listening to our own body gave both me and my daughter greater self reliance and faith in our own capacity to heal. Being the sole custodians of our health, we’ve become our own doctors.

When my daughter occasionally has cough or cold, she heals herself through natural therapies, besides having amla, honey concoction, warm water and fruits.

Every month, I detoxify myself through a diet of fresh juices and soup without salt. In case of occasional heaviness in my breast, I go on the same diet and body cleansing for a day, and am completely well again.

To Sum It Up

I would like to thank all the angels in my life, especially Dr Tiwari, who led me to this new way of living a healthy, rejuvenated life.

Now, I lead a completely normal life with absolutely no fears of ill health, as I have learnt to trust myself and my own body’s wisdom. I want to spread the word about this ancient knowledge and tell everyone to practice the same.

(About Pooja Malhotra: Pooja, a mother of two, is a cyber safety counsellor by profession and a writer by choice. She loves reading and is now avidly promoting natural living and wellness.)



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03:46 PM | 23-04-2020

Jayshree - Pls google Dr Salila Tewari. You will get her contact details there.

Jayshree Gala

02:12 PM | 23-04-2020

Can I get Dr Tiwari no

Jayshree Gala

02:12 PM | 23-04-2020

Can I get Dr Tiwari no

Priyanka Kakad

06:15 PM | 03-08-2019

Hi could u plz share ur number bcz i hv Fibroid

Vikas Kumar

01:45 PM | 08-04-2022

Looking is good

Akansha Sharma

07:30 PM | 31-07-2019

Really inspiring.

Suviena Bagrodia

10:37 AM | 14-06-2019

Hi could you please share your number. I have Stage 3 endiometriosis and cyst issues.

I too went to get a diet from Dr. Salila Tiwari but would really like help with the treatments. I believe you had someone coming home.

divya tulsiyan modi

10:10 AM | 06-02-2019

And thank you to introduce us to naturopathy 🙏. Atul is more fitter and energetic than he was before


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