Asthma, Gall bladder stones, Cravings & more – Won over by Mother Nature’s Blessings

Preyash’s story is yet another example of how making simple lifestyle changes and living in sync with nature makes it possible to move from illness to wellness. Preyash suffered from chronic asthma from an early age and developed gall stones later in life. He had a very strong craving for sugar so much so that he could eat sweets as a full meal. Read on his journey to know how he reclaimed his health, naturally!

Preyash Mishra

Wellness Trainer & Digital Marketer


1.Asthma and respiratory issues

My health journey began with my introduction to yogic practices, in 2003, almost a decade and a half ago, when my suffering from asthma got worse. My breathing problem had surfaced in middle childhood stage, when I moved from village to town. I was diagnosed to be allergic and with time the conditioned worsened. As I grew older I became dependent on inhalers and had to be admitted in case of a severe attack. Serious breathing problem and the infections in winters and change of weathers were common. Apart from the lungs infection, I was suffering from haemoptysis, a condition of coughing up blood.

In my graduation, one of my friends advised me to contact Bihar School of Yoga (Satyananda Yoga) to learn about yogic practices. I followed the advice and went to Munger Ashram. This is where I was introduced to yogic practices. At the Ashram, I observed three things which lessened my complication significantly. These three things were:

  1. Sitting properly before eating anything, giving proper time to eat, focusing on chewing food properly
  2. No liquid for at least 45 minutes after having meal and
  3. Getting off milk as the staple diet.

In yoga, the focus is on being aware of the process. When we sit properly to eat, slow down, chew the food properly, it prevents overeating too. For me, the effect was transformational in terms of so many things. Giving up milk helped in lessening of mucus formation and breathing complication. I was cured of asthma and haemoptysis.

Later on, I attended yoga classes in my hometown under the guidance of a Sannyasin from Bihar School of Yoga. From Dec’2003 to 2005 I was exposed to various practices (mostly Asanas). Since that time I always practice three Asanas of TTK, Tadasana (Palm tree pose), Tiryak Tadasana (Slanted palm tree pose), Katichakra Asana (waist rotation pose) without fail. Being consistent with asanas led to better understanding of effects of Asanas on the body.

2. Dissolving Gallbladder stones naturally

Though I discontinued milk consumption, but my sweet craving was as it is. I had been very much fond of sweets, to the extent that I would replace my meal with sweets only. Dairy and sweets consumption in excess might have led to calcification (toxic accumulation) in the gallbladder. In 2009, I was diagnosed with stones of 6.3 mm, 6.5 mm and 7.1 mm in size. I experienced shooting pain but I did not want to get it operated surgically. I was exploring other options. My close friend advised me to see an alternative healing practitioner who advised me to stop wheat consumption and start taking Noni (a fruit based drink) and some home-made preparation of melons seeds, cardamom and rock candy. Additionally, I searched over the Internet for a possible cure, I got to know about the effect of citrus juices on dissolving the stones but not of that size which I had developed. But I still decided to give it a try.

I made these changes in my diet plan. I was simultaneously going to the healer for accupressure. I also added carrot juice, apple juice and orange juice 1 L a day. I had replaced chapatis with khichdi for that period. Apart from it, I exposed that area for a hot massage after applying oil.

I think it was the combination of all the above activities which helped me dissolve multiple stones in 40 days. It established my faith in the food which I was having and in corrective things I was doing.

3.The new chapter: Sugar cravings & better health awareness

It commenced in December 2014. I was finding difficult to manage my assignments and time. My friend advised me to attend The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai’s (THAC) workshop in Delhi. I thought it was irrelevant advice but he said, ‘it would help you.’

Meeting Dr Vijaya Venkat (founder – THAC) has been an experience of a lifetime. She is more like a mother than a healer or doctor to me. She had an equally palpable presence as my yog mentor. The very first day of the workshop she observed me, drinking water more than normal and skipping vegetable juice served during the workshop. In the evening she said, ‘you must have vegetable juices during the day; it will be good for you. It will also reduce your water intake.’

In the workshop, I learnt about the state of equilibrium of the body called homeostasis. Any aberration from this state means illness and disease. Food is a key input to support the body give us good health, physically and mentally. I was encouraged to keep up with my yoga practice, sleep well and eat well.

  • So after the workshop, I began making changes. I stopped consuming wheat, it got replaced with rice completely.
  • I started having vegetable juices daily.
  • The next welcome addition was eating all fruits without fear, especially bananas. As a child, I was cautioned not to even look at it as my eosinophil count was 10 times higher than the normal reference range. Eosinophil is a medical term used for an increased number of white cells in case of an allergy, infection or other medical condition. When I told Dr. Venkat about it she told me not to worry and eat bananas to my heart’s content and ‘eat without fear or guilt’. She put me back on the path of recovery.

Within 1-2 months of doing these changes, I had no craving left for cream biscuits and chocolates, and it happened naturally. My water consumption got reduced over a period of 6 months from 6 to 8 litres to 1-2 litres a day. Since I take vegetable juices (500 ml-1000 ml) during the day, I give my body potent water rich with minerals and fibre (I don’t sieve, just make sure to finely grind and dilute the vegetable juices). According to Dr. Venkat it was very effective in removing the toxins out of the body, leading to sound health. It also led me to open up to the meaning of ‘absence of illness is not wellness’.

Dr Venkat is not physically present, but she continues to guide me and offer healing in so many ways. Dr. Anju Venkat who assumed her role reiterated mother’s statement that sweet craving meant I was not taking fruits as much as it needed to be taken. Her words are proving to be true. As I continued to increase my intake of fruits, my harping on sweets and confectionaries are gone now. I had a strong craving for sweets, which included sugar. I would frequent places just to relish sweets. In 2018 this habit too went away.

The journey continues

I had met with a fatal accident in 2005 which caused a brain injury. But after my sugar cravings went away in 2018, I could notice the ill effects of sugar on my delayed mental healing, especially my responses in unfavourable or unfriendly situations. I became more open to listening to my body and relying on its wisdom. Yogasanas were part of my routine since the time I learned it, but after making food changes, the holistic sense of wellness prevailed. It offered an expansive understanding of wellness, encouraging me to work on the mental and emotional wellness as well.

As I am sharing my journey, I am also looking forward to sharing with people that our illness and pain are never exclusive, it may appear to be individualistic though; as mother says, when we move from ‘I’ to ‘we’ we experience our journey from ‘illness’ to ‘wellness’.


(About Preyash P. Mishra: Preyash is a double graduate, Certified Yog Teacher (Bihar School of Yoga), PGDip in Translation. He is a trauma survivor who likes to help affected people lead a normal life. A wellness trainer, digital marketer, and nature lover he loves sharing his insight on holistic wellness, and harmonious living with people. He can be reached


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02:18 PM | 13-06-2019

Thank u for penning your journey !


05:51 AM | 13-06-2019

Very inspiring and blessed to have been met with experiences that shaped you into a healthy person. Be blessed

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