My journey to conquer thyroid naturally

Kapil was diagnosed with a malfunctioning thyroid at the age of 35. He was in complete disbelief as he was a young man in his early 30s! He began his medication but realized that it had little impact on improving his health. A turning point came in his life when he aligned himself with the Laws of Nature, and this began his healing process. Today, he is in the pink of health. Read his journey to find out how he bounced back to get rid of thyroid issues and gain so much more in the process.

Kapil Behl

44 years, Chartered Accountant



It was 9 years ago that I was diagnosed with being hypothyroid. My doctor put me on medication, which initially started at a low dosage. But it kept increasing despite my continuous efforts of keeping myself active and eating a balanced diet. I was always low on energy and was fed up that the medicine was not helping me feel better. My doctor had informed me clearly that I would have to take the thyroid medicine throughout my life.

I realized that this was not a cure for my problem and that I would have to move to a more substantial method of treatment.

It was then, in September 2017 that one of my friends gave me Dr Salila Tewari's reference, Dr Tewari is a naturopath. She gave me a course of action and asked me to discontinue existing medicine. I followed her advice for almost a month. However, my TSH level increased, and this dragged me back to the medicines. I was disappointed thinking that this form of treatment didn’t work out for me. In hindsight, I felt maybe I didn’t do everything that I was supposed to.

How it all re-started?

I was convinced that the cure available for Thyroid and other chronic diseases could only be found through natural healing. My first experience had some challenges and major among them was that I was mentally not prepared to deal with all the multiple issues like body pain and rising of the TSH level. Meanwhile, I recommended a few of my friends to consult Dr Tewari since I had complete faith on her ability to heal and they experienced positive changes in their health.

I continued my research on natural healing and read a lot about it. It made me aware, and I felt more convinced to dive deeper in this domain. I started programming my body, my conscious and sub conscious brain by following an amalgamation of a healthy diet, exercise, yoga, fasting once a week, reducing the medicine dosage and long walks.

It was in Mar 2019 during a consultation session of my wife with Dr Tewari that we started talking about my situation again. I explained to her what happened the last time around. She told me that once we begin our journey on this path, the cleansing mechanism gets accelerated due to the accurate inputs being given to our body. During this phase, one must be in constant touch with an expert as this healing crisis is part of the process. She told me that I should have informed her when my condition deteriorated, as she could have helped.

Her words of encouragement were enough to fuel my passion for restarting my journey — this time, I had set my goals. I vowed to follow the path properly as I wanted to live a healthy, medicine-free life. I was physically and mentally prepared to deal with all the tough situations and overcome them.

The journey ahead

Once I restarted with this process, I experienced skin and throat issues in the first 2 weeks along with excruciating pain in the lower part of the body. This time, I was in constant touch with my expert, and she guided me beautifully to maintain the required momentum.

Here are the key changes I had made to my food and lifestyle:

  • In the initial days, I consumed raw veggies, fresh fruits, coconut water and gradually proceeded to consuming one cooked meal a day.
  • I gave up all dairy products, except for cow ghee, which I ensured to source the best quality.
  • Once an avid lover of non-veg food, I cut it off from my diet.
  • I exercised regularly. Initially, they were light exercises such as walks and simple yoga - singhasana, pranayama practices that included anulom-vilom and ujjayi. Gradually, as I healed, I began doing other yoga poses as well, such as dhanurasana, pawanmuktasana, etc.
  • I took therapies such as kunjal, jal neti and mud pack.


To my surprise, by the end of 1.5 months, all issues disappeared – skin, throat, pain and also thyroid! I was also feeling energetic and super-focused as an individual. I decided to continue on the path of Natural Living.

  • Over 3 months into this journey, I lost more than 10 kgs without compromising on my appetite. As a young adult in my 11th and 12th grade, I weighed 74 kgs. But today, I am 44 years old and weigh only 66 kgs!
  • From being a late riser, I now wake up at 4:30 in the morning.
  • I do my exercises regularly. I consume one cooked meal per day and take my nutrition from live raw foods.


To sum up, I would like to share that it has been a very satisfying journey. It has left me very delighted with my current life. I am fitter, healthier, stronger, disease and medicine-free. Also, I recently ran 7.4 km in 40 minutes, which was a great feat for me as compared to the times when I was in my 20s!

I now look forward to working every day and feel as if my body is smiling from within. I hope my journey strikes the right chord with you and inspires you to take the first step in taking charge of your life.

I would like to appreciate Dr.Salila Tewari for her consistent guidance, motherly support & great encouragement. She is a humble and selfless person with great wealth of knowledge and wisdom. She would always remain a role model for health and I pray to God to always bless her with great health, joy & happiness.

(About Kapil Behl: Kapil is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and works in the corporate sector. He loves playing cricket and reading books related to business and health domain in his free time.)

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