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Skin – An indicator of good health - Part 1

A healthy skin mirrors a healthy body. However, so many people, from children to adults are plagued by severe skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, herpes, rosacea and also lesser symptomatic problems like acne, pimples, warts and dry skin. What are the causes and what does it take to get rid of these irritable skin conditions? Read on.


Understand your skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and has many important functions to perform viz:

• Protection - It acts as a protective covering for the whole body. It is a barrier to external poisonous agents like chemical poisons, moulds, bacteria, harmful insects, parasites and other germs which may affect the blood.

• Thermal regulation - It helps to keep the body temperature within a narrow range so that all the biochemical processes in the body carry on unhindered. It has upto 2.6 million sweat glands, which play a major part in maintaining constant body temperature. If the body gets heated up, the pores open and allow perspiration - which cools the surface of the body. During the cold season, the pores close to conserve body heat.

• Elimination - Along with the kidneys and lungs, skin is an organ of elimination. Normally, toxins within the body are expelled out by the kidneys and skin. In a chronic state of health, when the body is not functioning optimally, the skin is called upon to act on toxin removal. The toxins get expelled through the pores of the skin, which shows up as rashes, eczema, acne or other issues.

• Sense Organ - Perceives the surrounding environment through sensation viz, temperature, texture etc.

It is not just skin deep

A healthy skin indicates:

• A well-nourished body.

• Good quality of blood flowing without obstructions.

• Healthy lifestyle practices.

• Good inheritance.

• Balance or homeostasis in the body.

In short, the skin mirrors the health or lack of it within the body.

Toxic blood is sluggish and cannot reach all parts of the skin to nourish it, causing unhealthy and dull-looking skin. Normally the liver, lungs and kidneys handle the job of filtering and elimination of body wastes. But when the system is congested with excess toxic load, the skin is called upon to handle waste elimination too. As the body throws out the wastes through the skin, we observe breakouts which are given different names like eczema, psoriasis, lupus, dermatitis, boils, acne etc., It also causes dull-looking skin with blotchy patches, warts, acne and boils to name a few. In reality, these are manifestations of eliminations happening through the skin due to excess toxic load in the body.

What causes excess toxicity and what are the solutions?

Dr Herbert Shelton, a renowned natural hygienist said – “The skin is an integral part of the body and depends upon the general system for its supply of food and to carry away its waste. Skin health depends primarily upon the general health of the body. All attempts to deal with the skin as an independent entity, without due regard to its reliance upon the general system, must of necessity result in failure."

Skin cannot be cured independent of the rest of the body. An improvement in the condition of the skin needs a deeper look at lifestyle factors and continuous corrections to align with nature’s laws.

Please read inspirational stories of real-life people who overcame the most serious of skin issues by adopting a natural lifestyle. Visit our Journeys section.

In Part 2 of this blog on Skin health, we take a look at factors and remedies to improve skin health.

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