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(Free Download) IMMUNITY BUILDING GUIDE: Natural Methods, Recipes and Practical Tips

The ebook contains - Nature’s wisdom of enhancing immunity.

  • Learn the cause of Virus infections

  • Know how immunity functions & self-healing powers of the body

  • Easy, immunity-boosting recipes

  • Natural ways to boost immunity

  • Practical tips, home remedies, drinks & teas

  • Meal plan for eating healthy daily 

  • Special care tips for Kids & Elderly

  • Simple therapies to detox

  • Lifestyle to stay safe and healthy

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Other Natural Health ebooks by Wellcure - 

1. 30 Day 30 Healthy Recipes

Inculcate healthy eating in the whole family

  • Immunity boosting recipes,all-natural plant-based ingredients

  • 30+ whole plant-based, oil, sugar, dairy-free, gluten-free recipes

  • Dairy substitute recipes for aspiring vegans

  • Healthy alternatives of small-bites, snacks, chaats, soups, starters, desserts, dips, shakes, herbal teas & refreshing drinks

  • Simple & easily accessible ingredients

  • Healthier versions of family’s favorite dishes

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2. Sweet Life for Kids

An eye-opener book for all who believe that white sugar is okay for kids as they burn it all out. Ways to replace white sugar with healthy alternatives in kids diet

  • 30+ easy, healthy & tasty recipes suiting kids’ taste

  • Learn how sugar affects kids’ health

  • Know which processed kids-foods are high in sugar

  • Simple tips and tricks to change kids’ eating habits

  • Know how to include natural sources of sugar in kids diet

  • Natural-sugar-based breakfast ideas

  • Tips to include family members in replacing processed sugar with natural sugars in kids diet

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3. Healthy Cooking

Achieve maximum health by eating right

  • 50+ whole-food, plant-based recipes

  • Free of oil, gluten, sugar and dairy 

  • Healthy cooking techniques

  • How to choose the right ingredients

  • Holistic health meal plans

  • How’s and why’s of organic & whole foods

  • Tips, tricks and hacks

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Price: INR 499/- 


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