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03:55 PM | 06-01-2022

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Have you tried making non-fried appetizing pakoras (Fritters) or a dairy-free Haldi-wala-doodh (Golden Milk), which is excellent for your health and immunity?

Winter is the perfect time to cook-up some warming & soulful foods. During the winter season, nature blesses us with luscious, nourishing vegetables and leafy greens. To beat the cold and raise your immunity, it is best to eat seasonal and locally grown vegetables. 

Don’t stop yourself from enjoying that bowl of Gajar Halwa or Peanut Ladoos, as we have got the healthier versions of your favorite winter recipes to satiate your cravings.

Wellcure’s newly launched recipe e-book Winter’s Nourishing Foods presents delicious recipes based on winter vegetables to nourish your soul, keep you warm and full of energy. We have got everything from healthy & hearty soups, No-ghee Bajra Khichdi, to oil-free seasonal pickles.

So, fill up your grocery cart with fresh winter vegetables and try these yummilicious recipes!

All the recipes in this e-book are healthful and wholesome as they are made up of plant-based, whole ingredients, free of processed sugar, dairy, and gluten. 

The e-book includes a wide range of recipes from Indian cuisine:

1. Bajre ki khichdi

2. Carrot Pickle

3. Mooli-Dal ki Sabzi

4. No-fry Palak Pakora

5. Gajar ka Halwa – dairy-free

6. Til Shengdana Chikki

7. Peanut Sesame Jaggery Laddoo

8. Peapods & Broccoli Stem Soup

9. Creamy Sweet Potato Soup with Veggies

10. Drumstick Soup

11. White Pumpkin Soup

12. Chukku Kappi

13. Golden Ginger tea

14. Lemongrass Tea

15. Dairy Free Golden Milk (Haldi-Doodh)

16. Carrot Beetroot Corn Salad  

“Go a step ahead in your plant-based lifestyle with these recipes”

Each recipe comes with special Wellcure tips on maximizing its nutritional value as per plant-based eating & cooking techniques and variation suggestions.

So when it is cold outside cook some warmth inside, treat your family to the healthy winter recipes from Winter’s Nourishing Foods e-book.

Price: INR 349/-


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Avneet Kaur

09:26 AM | 20-02-2021

Hello I already paid the price for this book..where I can get this book???


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Winter's Nourishing Foods Recipes E-Book

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