HEALTHY, GRATED Carrot salad with peanut

Prep Time
15 minutes
Cook Time
No cooking involved
3-4 servings

Carrots are easly available in winters. Make a good use of these yummy and juicy carrots. We should always consume salad before cooked food. They release digestive juices to digest the cooked food very well. Peanut and mustard in this give a nice crunchy taste. 


1. Carrots medium Size - 3 to 4

2. Peanut - Half cup

3. Curry leave for garnish

4. Mustard seed for garnish


1. Wash and peel the carrots

2. Grate them nicely

3. In a sald bowl, add the grated carrots, peanut and garnish with mustard seed and curry leaves.

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10:46 AM | 13-12-2018

Hi Anchal thanks for sharing your feedback. Yes you may add pomegranates and may be small chopped green capsicum to give it more green look. Do share again, I look forward.


10:37 AM | 13-12-2018

hi swatantra. I tried this yesterday. thanks for inspiring :-). I also added a bit of lemon, rock salt & pepper based on hubby's liking. And peanuts in two forms - whole & coarsely powdered. Was thinking of adding pomegranates next time. what say?

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