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Smitha Hemadri

Natural Healing - Leader & Influencer

12:49 PM | 23-12-2018
Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
10 minutes
3 servings

I have been using this as a hair wash for the last one year. The methi gives lather. The lemon peel has a natural conditioner from its oils and also has the natural ability to remove any grease and oil from the hair. The banana makes the hair softer. The essential oil I added will add some more healthy oil to the scalp.

One can also let this soak on the hair after applying for 10 mins. Don’t worry if the peel cannot be completely washed from the hair after washing. As the hair dries the peels also dry as fall off. The day after the hair wash, the hair becomes and feels silky and smooth. The day of the wash, one might feel the hair is still oily. However, over the period of that day, the scalp absorbs all the natural oils. This wash is even better than sheekakai and all that natural hair washes too and the hair feels even softer. Keeps the scalp also healthy due to the lemon. I have also added one full lemon with its juice too at times while grinding. Since we use a lot of lemon juice for smoothies and salads in a day, we tend to collect a lot of lemon peels in a week. I have a tendency to lose a lot of hair if I use shampoos or other store bought mixes and I plan this every week and my hair fall has reduced drastically over a period of time. If you have a good mixer, then you can grind it to a uniform mass at one shot. This can be used as a body wash and hand wash too. There will not be any necessity to use soaps for the body and dispenser for the hand wash.


3 spoons methi seeds soaked overnight 

10 halves of lemon after the juice is removed

1 ripe banana 

Lemon essential oil - 5-7 drops ( optional )

Other items that can be added here are dried or fresh hibiscus flowers, curry leaf essential oil / curry leaves



1) Grind the methi by adding little water at a time until it’s foamy in consistency like a cream

2) grind the fresh lemon peel with water into a paste using water  

3) grind banana into a purée

4) mix all the above and grind again to form a uniform  mass

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Ananya “Ananya” Si...

01:00 PM | 15-07-2019

The methi/fenugreek makes the hair slimy. How to deal with that?

Smitha Hemadri

08:03 PM | 15-07-2019

Yes Mamatha. With coconut oil it works. I have not tried with castor oil.


07:44 PM | 15-07-2019

Hi Smita, thanks for sharing the recipe. Can this be applied on oiled hair as well ( coconut oil).. does it remove the oil


07:43 PM | 15-07-2019

Hi Smita, thanks for sharing the recipe. Can this be applied on oiled hair as well ( coconut oil).. does it remove the oil

Smitha Hemadri

03:30 PM | 15-07-2019

That’s exactly why it’s used Ananya. We need a soapy and foamy base to wash hair / body and methi fits the role. You need to ensure to grind it till it’s white and foamy. A good powerful mixie will help. I have a 900w. After hair wash, methi usually is not stuck. The tiny lime peels will be stuck looking like dandruff. They fall off as hair dries. I always ensure I wash the kids hair on Saturday or Sunday morning. On weekdays if you wash and goto office, u have to explain that it’s not dandruff 😅. That was on a lighter note. My experience with shower wash is not so great as opposed to using a bucket of water and mug to wash this. Plus shower water consumption is a lot too. So I use the old style and old style helps here immensely.

Smitha Hemadri

04:06 PM | 20-01-2019

That’s awesome Bhagyashree. Yes over a period of time it will stabilise. Thanks for trying


02:12 PM | 19-01-2019

Thank you Smitha for sharing this awesome home made shampoo recipe. I tried it and I am very very happy with the results and I doesn't make my hair dry at all. I also lost less hair while taking hair wash. Its very easy to plan and make. This is going to be my shampoo now on :-)

Smitha Hemadri

11:02 PM | 18-01-2019

Asha someone told it keeps the hair soft and I tried.

Asha Shivaram

07:44 PM | 18-01-2019

why banana?

Smitha Hemadri

03:32 PM | 24-12-2018

I typically grind the peel without water and freeze it. The day before the making I keep the required qty in the fridge and grind with water next day.

Mayuri Goswami

07:47 AM | 24-12-2018

Wow I didn't know banana 'smoothie' with methi n lemon can be applied to hair too! Will surely try this and recommend to friends too :)

Smitha Hemadri

06:27 PM | 23-12-2018

Yes.. it needs planning, patience and consistency.

Anchal Kapur

05:00 PM | 23-12-2018

Thanks for sharing Smitha. I am having severe hair fall these days. Switched to natural shampoos but no respite yet.... will try this one. Nothing like home made stuff!!


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