Kaju Katli - homemade, sugar free dessert!

Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
20 minutes
14-15 peices

We were surprised by the fact that Kaju Katli can indeed be made at home. Interestingly, we bumped into this Nisha Madhulika recipe where she shows how to do Kaju Katli at home. We simply replaced the white refined sugar with jaggery powder. Roll your Kaju Katli on your own, and enjoy homemade, healthful sweets with friends & family!

  • Kaju (Cashews): 1 cup or 160 gms of kaju
  • Jaggery powder: ½ cup or 100 gms
  • Water: 5 tsp
  • Cold pressed coconut oil (optional): 1 tsp
  • Rose petals or rose water: 1 tsp chopped or 8-9 strands of saffron (optional)

Making Kaju Katli Mixture

  • Powder the cashew in a coffee grinder or a dry grinder.
  • The cashew should be in powdered form and not become pasty or oily.
  • On a low flame, heat jaggery and water in a thick bottomed or non-stick pan or kadai.
  • Meanwhile, grease a plate or a tray and keep aside or keep butter papers ready.
  • When all the jaggery dissolves in water, add the cashew powder. There is no consistency requirement in the jaggery like one strand thickness etc.
  • Keep stirring the cashew mixture on a low flame.
  • The cashew mixture would start thickening.
  • Cook the kaju mixture for approx 7-9 min till the whole mixture starts to come together.

Making of Kaju Katli

  • Remove the whole lump of the kaju mixture from the pan and place it on a work surface, bowl or a plate.
  • Add the rose petals and oil to the mixture.
  • When the mixture is hot enough to handle, then knead the cashew mixture.
  • Flatten the cashew katli dough and place it on a butter paper or on a greased plate or tray.
  • Place a butter paper on top and then using a rolling pin, roll gently the dough from all sides till you reach a thickness of 3-5 mm in the dough.
  • Remove the butter paper and let the rolled kaju katli dough cool.
  • When cooled, use a sharp knife and cut the cashew dough giving it a square or diamond shape.
  • Gently remove the katli pieces using the knife.
  • Serve the sweet straight away or store in an airtight container to be served later.

Eating Guide:

  • Food group: Nuts
  • Best time to eat: As evening snack or after meals. Do not mix with fruit, can be combined with other food groups.
  • Great way to up natural oils and fats for kids.

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05:56 PM | 21-02-2019

Made this today .. looks good and tastes good .

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