Three tier salad

Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
5 minutes

A simple three layer salad using steamed beetroot, tomato and cucumber. The homemade dip using simple ingredients adds a different flavour to the veggies!


Beetroot, Tomato, Cucumber

For dip: Two dried lal mirch, peanuts, Jaggery, salt, lemon juice


Steam the beetroot. Cut in round slices and place round tomato slice, cucumber slice on top with a topping of the dip.

Dip: Roast sabut lal mirch and blend with little dissolved jaggery, peanuts. Add some lemon juice and salt.

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11:05 AM | 23-04-2019

Good recipe. Going to make this today


04:43 PM | 22-04-2019

My pleasure, Anchal.


02:46 PM | 22-04-2019

Thanks for sharing Alka ji.

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