Stuffed Bhindi - steamed & oil-free!

Prep Time
15 minutes
Cook Time
8 minutes
2 servings

Bhindi is a common summer vegetable and is relished by kids and adults alike. While there are many versions of making bhindi, most of the recipes use oil. Here is an oil-free recipe!Also, in this recipe, the lady's finger is steamed thereby retaining maximum nutrition. The stuffing further adds to variety and taste to the dish.

Enjoy with your cooked meals or even as a snack!

  • Bhindi 250 gms
  • Sesame seeds 2 tablespoons (roasted)

Ingredients For the filling

  • Coconut: ¼ cup (fresh grated/desiccated coconut)
  • Raw mango: 2 tablespoons (grated)
  • Peanuts: 2 tablespoons (roasted crushed)
  • Green chilli: 1 chopped (more if your heat threshold is higher)
  • Coriander leaves: 2 tablespoons (chopped)
  • Onions: 2 tablespoons (finely chopped)
  • Cumin powder: ½ teaspoon
  • Rock Salt to taste
  • Wash and wipe the lady’s finger. Cut the crowns.
  • Slit the ladies finger lengthwise leaving a small part intact at the top and the bottom such that it is not split separately and not cut through. This should enable stuffing it without the filling falling out.
  • Mix all the ingredients for the filling and adjust the seasoning.
  • Fill in the lady’s finger pockets with the filling. Make sure to pack more into it by pressing the mixture in.
  • Arrange neatly on a steamer and steam for 6-8 minutes. 6 minutes will give a crunchy texture 8 minutes will give you a well-cooked texture.
  • Serve with a lavish sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds.

Eating guide

  • Food group: vegetable.
  • Vegetables, as such, can get boring and not very filling by themselves. Stuffing the vegetable with seeds and grated coconut and spices can make it satisfying.
  • Cooking vegetables at high temperatures destroys most of their nutrition as well as digestive enzymes. Steam veggies for health benefit.


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