Pazhaya Soru - easy probiotic made with left over rice!

Prep Time
8 hours 10 minutes
Cook Time
No cooking involved
2 servings

Pazhaya soru literally means old rice, in Tamil. It’s a very ancient method to use leftover rice a day later. It said to be loaded with pro-biotic properties and makes for a great breakfast option. Many versions of these are seen in various parts of our country.

Boost your gut flora with this easy-to-do, homemade probiotic!

  • Non-aromatic plain rice: 1 cup (cooked)
  • Water: Enough to submerge the rice in
  • Rock Salt: to taste
  • Green chillies: 2 nos
  • Shallots: 5-6 (peeled)
  • Curry leaves: one sprig
  • Mustard: ¼ teaspoon
  • Dairy free curd (like peanut curd): ½ cup (beaten)
  • Place the leftover cooked rice in a big clay pot and cover with water.
  • Cover the pot and leave it aside overnight.
  • The soaked rice would have fermented by morning.
  • Mash the rice with a ladle or use your hands. Mix it and add more water if required to adjust consistency.
  • Add salt and curd. Temper it with mustard seeds and curry leaves.
  • Serve with crushed shallots, green chillies and salt.
  • Can be chilled and served too.

Eating guide

  • Food group: Grains
  • It can be eaten for breakfast or as a summer cooler on a hot afternoon.
  • The taste can be varied by adding lime juice to it. It can also be served with spicy curries or pickle or dal.
  • Use as a natural probiotic to aid digestion.

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06:55 PM | 20-05-2019

This fermanted ruce is also good source of Vitamin B12 for vegetarians.

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