Dates Juice – Instant Energy In Summers

Prep Time
1 hour 15 minutes
Cook Time
No cooking involved
1-2 persons

High on fibre and nutrients, dates can be easily added to your daily diet. As you up your dates intake, you will notice your sweet cravings go down. When feeling low on energy, or too hot in summers the natural sugars of dates in this sweet and tangy drink works wonders to hydrate and energise. A great substitute to packaged health drinks!

  • Dates – 20
  • Raw Mango: ½ cup (peeled and chopped). Can instead use Imli pulp or Lemon juice too
  • Spices: Pudina, Bhuna Jeera, Kala namak – ½ tsp each (to taste)
  • Mint leaves (Pudina) – 1/4th cup
  • Soak dates for an hour (Use the water – don’t throw).
  • Deseed and chop.
  • Add raw mango (kachha aam).
  • Add pudina, bhuna jeera and kala namak. Churn all in blender.
  • Then add water to make it sharbat, churn again.
  • Taste-test it to balance the spices.
  • Put some ice or keep in fridge.

Eating Guide:

Food Group: Fruits (Dry Fruits)
Should be consumed alone or along with other fruits.
Serve chilled, especially during hot summer afternoons.
Dates are wonderful natural replacement for refined sugar.

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