Natural recipe for dandruff free scalp

Pranjali Sahu

Natural Healing Enthusiast

10:13 AM | 17-06-2019
Prep Time
8 minutes
Cook Time
1 minute
1 bowl

Many of us are suffering from dandruff. Some might have itching also due to this. Here is one quick remedy for you.


  • Apply this mixture for atleast 4 days consistently and you will see the good results.
  • You can make this mixture and store it in a refrigerator.


  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 lemons
  • 1Aloevera stem
  • 3-4 drops of Tea tree oil


  • Take a container and Grate cucumber with a grater and stain out its juice and pulp with a strainer. (Do not blend the cucumber )
  • Add lemon juice of 2 medium-sized lemons.
  • Scoop out aloe vera gel 2 spoons of it.
  • Add 4 drops of tea tree oil into it.
  • Mix well and make its thick solution.
  • Apply over the scalp and hair evenly.
  • Leave this for 15 min and then wash your hair with water.


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09:54 AM | 01-02-2022

Thanks Sunmeet for answering here. Dear all - You can also subscribe to Sunmeet's e-learning programs on natural beauty care. See here -

Saritha V

10:36 PM | 29-01-2022

please suggest any other scalp/hair mask for winter. As per the below comment, this is not recommended during winter.

Nripen Sushant

02:58 PM | 04-02-2022

Also, place like Bangalore may not be hot or cold. What do we do here?

Sunmeet Taluja Marwaha

10:46 AM | 31-01-2022

Take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, warm it, add juice of fresh lemon to it. Apply and massage your scalp with this mix. Keep overnight. Wash off next morning with a mild sulphate free shampoo. Pls do not use very hot water to cleanse your scalp. Use Luke warm or room temperature water only.

Zahara Rangoonwala

08:07 PM | 24-01-2022

it is not recommended in winter

Tapasya Babbar Gulati

10:09 AM | 07-01-2022

Very effective for dandruff


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