Beetroot Salad with Cashew Mayo

Prep Time
20 minutes
Cook Time
No cooking involved
2 servings

Beetroot, this humble vegetable is full of fibre and other nutrients. You can make the best of it by eating them raw! You may want to try this simple, quick variation of the regular beetroot salad. In this recipe, beetroots are slightly steamed to ensure they don't lose out on their natural colour and nutrition. And the use of homemade cashew mayo adds creaminess!

The ravishing pink colour and the creaminess of this salad is inviting enough, no coaxing required for your children to finish off their salad!

P.S - a quick tip to do away with the beetroot skin easily - steam them slightly and the skin simply slips off!

  • Wash your beetroot well.
  • Keep submerged in water for some time (as a whole, do not cut yet).
  • Wash with scrubber so that all dirt is removed well.
  • Cut into half, do not remove the skin or tail ends yet.
  • Steam the beetroot until tender.
  • Once steamed, take the skin out. The skin will slip off most cooperatively.
  • All you need to do is cut the stem and tail end off.
  • Cut the beetroot into half-moons and set aside to cool.
  • Plate well onto a dish.
  • Drizzle your cashew mayo to the preferred consistency and drip over your beets.
  • Or you can mix till the dish turns into a tantalizing pink.

Eating guide:

  • Food group: Vegetables (Raw)
  • Veggies, when eaten in raw form are your best friends with every meal.
  • Loaded with enzymes and high water content, they aid digestion. They get absorbed easily by the body, providing health at the cellular level. Add them liberally in your daily meals.
  • Rich in fibre, raw veggies consumed as salad facilitate weight loss!

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