Tomato Snack Cups

Prep Time
2 hours 25 minutes
Cook Time
No cooking involved
5-6 persons

Whether you are looking for an after school snack, or a healthy appetizer for a party, this recipe for Tomato Cups can double as both! As this recipe uses cashew paste to add creaminess and flavour to the tomato cups, it's a great replacement to snacks usually loaded with cheese or other packaged ingredients like mayo! A must try for the next party you host!

  • Firm large Tomatoes: 5 - 6
  • Soaked cashews: 4-5 tsps or cashew paste
  • Bell peppers of two different colors: 1 each
  • Carrot: 2
  • Mint leaves: 8-10 leaves
  • Corn: 1 cup full
  • Honey: 2 tsp (or mare per taste)
  • Salt: as per taste
  • Pepper (crushed / powder): as per taste
  • Lemon juice: 1 tsp
  • Iceburg lettuce: 2-3 leaves
  • Wash and cut tomatoes into two halves.
  • Remove the seeds from the tomato pieces.
  • If you have time, you can freeze the tomatoes for 30-45 min to make it firm and crisp. Else use as is
  • Chop all veggies (except tomatoes) finely
  • Mix all veggies with honey, cashew paste and coat well
  • Add salt and pepper to taste. Add more lemon juice if needed
  • Remove the tomatoes from the freezer
  • Fill the above mix inside the tomatoes and serve it cold on iceberg lettuce.

Enjoy a good looking salad!

For seasoning: Cashew paste

  • Soak cashews for 2-4 hours.
  • Add soaked cashews, pepper, lemon juice, salt, and any herb of choice in a mixie.
  • Blend well with some water.
  • If in a hurry, you can use, regular un-soaked cashew and make the paste.
  • We can use Almond or peanuts or coconut in place of Cashew paste.

Eating guide:

Food group: Vegetables and nuts
Both these food groups, are great addition to meal times whether you are battling to lose weight or wanting to reverse an illness
So add on generously.

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