Easy to carry salad in a jar

Prep Time
15 hours
Cook Time
15 hours
1 servings

Usually, we find it difficult to take a salad to work because it's messy and leaks. It also does not look appetizing and loses its flavour by the time it's ready to eat.

Carrying your salad in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid makes it leak-proof, looks pretty and the flavour is intact too.

Using a glass jar also avoids the use of plastic, it can be stored easily in the fridge at your work until its time to eat and it can be kept upright in your bag to prevent leaks and occupies less space too.

If you like to add salt, carry it separately as salt makes the salad go limp.

You can buy many types of such jars called mason jars online.

Ways to eat

1) When its time to eat, take a large bowl, empty out the contents and mix it all up and enjoy.

2) If you want to eat it from the jar, don't forget to pack a long spoon or fork to stir up everything well.

So many ways to eat healthy!


Any dressing like tahini or nut paste preferably home made.

Chickpeas or any lentils - 1 handful

Cut potato or sweet potato (with skin) - 1 small cup

Other salad veggies like tomatoes, cucumber, onions - 2 small cups

1 big handful of greens like spinach, lettuce, coriander etc

A tablespoon of your fav seeds like pumpkin for some crunch (optional)



  1. Cut all the veggies into chunks
  2. Cook the potato and lentils while you are cutting the veggies
  3. Shred the greens
  4. This is a layered salad.
  5. Put the dressing at the bottom as layer 1
  6. Layer 2 is the heavier stuff like the cooked lentils.
  7. Layer 3 - add in the cooked potato
  8. Layer 4 - add the salad veggies
  9. Layer 5 - add the greens
  10. Layer 6 - Top it up with the seeds
  11. Close the jar tightly,

That's it. Your salad is ready.

Notes: Use any cooked vegetables instead of potato and lentils for a lighter meal. Cauliflower, brinjal, pumpkin etc work very well as they are good in absorbing flavours.

Add shredded carrots and beetroots to add in more colour.

Replace dressing with your favourite Indian chutneys for a different taste.

Mix, match and enjoy with different tastes each day.

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