Healthy and Tasty Tandoori Stuff Karela

Prep Time
15 minutes
Cook Time
15 minutes
3 to 4

Free from -

❌ Frying
❌ Flour
❌ Dairy Products
❌ Tadka

✔️ Healthy Weight Loss Recipe
✔️ Easy to cook
✔️ Can have as a Starter
✔️ Fill the Stomach soon
✔️ Digests quickly


😋😋Taste and Health both in one combination is a blessing for us.😋😋

Generally, everyone does not select Karela in their food. But I cook with this style, so that all like to have more and more. Here we first do steaming of Karela slightly and they for crispy and crunchy taste we are cooking in Tandoor.

➡️Fresh Karela 5
➡️Salt as per taste
➡️Turmeric 2 to 3 pinch
➡️Fresh coriander 1 small bowl
➡️Hing 2 pinch
➡️Garam Masala Half Table Spoon
➡️Organic Jaggery as per taste (Optional)
➡️Sesame seeds 2 tablespoon
➡️Zira half Table Spoon
➡️Dry Dhania powder 1 Table Spoon
➡️Shredded Coconut 1 bowl
➡️Least Oil 1 tablespoondachshund


1Wash and slightly scrape Karela and remove seeds, cut in 3 big pcs and then slightly steam with salt (so that Bitter taste will become less) and keep aside.

2 Now, mix all the masalas and coconut, fresh coriander and salt. Mix well.

3 Stuff this mixture in karela.

4 Keep in preheated Tandoor for few minutes.

5 Open up Tandoor in between and twist Karela to cook and Roast from each side.

6 Take out from tandoor once the karela is crispy and roasted nicely.

7 Garnish with fresh shredded Coconut and finely chopped fresh Coriander.



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09:23 PM | 24-09-2019

Very tasty
Looks yummy


12:40 PM | 23-09-2019

Wow , Very nice
Healthy dish


09:07 AM | 23-09-2019

My favourite Karela
unique recipe


09:41 PM | 20-09-2019

Very tasty
I liked👌👍

Doshi Zarana - ...

09:57 PM | 20-09-2019

Thank you

Doshi Zarana - ...

09:57 PM | 20-09-2019

Thank you

09:00 PM | 19-09-2019

Nutricious also


08:27 PM | 19-09-2019

Healthy and Tasty ...both
Very nice 👍👌

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