Aromatic bath powder - all natural ingredients

Priyanka Kaushik

Natural Healing Advisor

02:34 PM | 10-09-2019
Prep Time
15 minutes
Cook Time
No cooking involved

This aromatic Bath Powder can be stored in an airtight container. At the time of use take some amount in a bowl and mix it well with rosewater, tomato juice or potato juice or even the plain water. People having extremely dry skin can add a few drops of mustard or sesame oil to it.

Just in first use, you will notice a clean and glowing skin also it will help greatly in removing skin tan. 

It is safe for babies too, I use it for my 20 months old son. Do give it a try and trust me it can replace any shower gel and bathing bars.
Do share your experiences with me in comments.


  • Neem powder 150 gms ( I have dried the leaves at home and then made a powder but it is easily available either on Amazon or in any grocery shops)
  • Rose petals 150 gms ( these I have got from a grocery shop, and I have ground them at home it is also available on Amazon in powdered form.)
  • Wild turmeric50 gms (It is available on Amazon. It is a special kind of turmeric which is used on skin and it does not leave a yellow residue either on skin or clothes. Also any organic brand can be used too)
  • Green grams 500 gms
  • Gram flour 250 gms



The quantity can vary.


  • Grind each one of them separately and then mix in a big bowl.
  • If one is using the powdered form then grind the green grams and mix everything well.



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Priyanka Kaushik

11:07 PM | 14-09-2019

I am replying @ Anil I don't know why my answer is not coming at the right place.

Dollie kashvani

09:43 PM | 13-09-2019

Thank u for sharing this

Priyanka Kaushik

11:06 PM | 14-09-2019

apkey liye answer hai but pls ap ek Baar sabhi answers perh lijiye.

Priyanka Kaushik

11:05 PM | 14-09-2019

Aap sabot moong daal, besan, haldi, sokhey gulaab, aur sukhey hoye neem patey lijiye aur insab ko pees Ker Mila lijiye aur nahaney Ka koshbodaar powder tyaar hai.

Ap neem aur gulaab Ka powder bhi ley sakty hai. Ye powder Kisi bhi saabun sey behtar hai.
Istmaal kery aur humey apna feedback dey.

Priyanka Kaushik

11:28 PM | 13-09-2019

Welcome dear

Anil Ak

03:40 PM | 13-09-2019

Madam Hindi mein bataiye

Vibhav Vibha

09:41 AM | 13-09-2019

Nice one. A new sensation. I will try. But instead wild turmeric, the regular can b used?

Priyanka Kaushik

09:43 AM | 13-09-2019

Sure! Any organic turmeric can be used in place of wild turmeric. Wild turmeric is easily available on Amazon and it does not stain the clothes or leave any residue on skin even.


03:27 PM | 10-09-2019

बहुत अच्छा है

Priyanka Kaushik

03:30 PM | 10-09-2019

Thankew Didi..


03:27 PM | 10-09-2019

बहुत अच्छा है


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