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PSYsolution Series 1: ARTICLE 1 of 15: Introduction to the principles of pure Nature Cure

It is a privilege to start this series of articles in the Body Wisdom section of Wellcure.

We thank the team Wellcure for extending this opportunity.

Yes, we are talking about Natural Health and Hygiene.

We are talking about syncing our LIFE with NATURE.

  • The LIFE, as defined by NATURE, is a combination of the body and the vitality, the LIFEFORCE.
  • Without the VITALITY, the body is called a dead body.
  • Without theBODY, the vitality is meaningless for us.

The right state of the BODY helps us to achieve a better Sense of Lifewith higher conserved vitality.

The right management of VITALITY helps us to achieve the right state of the body.

In the beginning, the body, that we get during the birth, is in its ideal state of being, in general.

So, at the start, the right body is structured which is full with the Sense of Life and a lot of conserved vitality.

The wellness problem starts with our mismanagement of the vitality, knowingly or unknowingly!

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The pure NATURE CURE, empirically accepts that the VITALITY QUOTIENT (The total amount of the vitality) received at the time of conception by an organism is unchangeable till the perishment of the body.

We cannot change the quotient in our lifetime.

The VITALITY is the force behind each and every activity that we perform. It can be just blinking of eyes. It can bedeep thinking, even! Anything we do, we use the VITALITY to execute it.

Since the total quantum of VITALITY is fixed, we need to use it wisely, else we would run out of it sooner…

The beauty of Nature’s program is this quantum has an elasticity, inbuilt!

It means it does not get exhausted easily due to itsrejuvenation knack incorporated, within it.

Our task is somewhat similar to a manager who has 100 of multi-skill labourers to use. :)

The rules are:

  • They all are multi-skilled. It means they can do ANY TASKthat is given to them.

  • They can be engaged and disengagedTO A TASK, according to the need.

  • More disengaged labours, better the performance of the engaged labours.

Now the interpretations are:

  1. The total number of labours is the VITALITY QUOTIENT here.
  2. The number of engaged labours is the CONSUMED VITALITY.
  3. The number of disengaged labours is the CONSERVED VITALITY.

Now, whenever we have higher CONSERVED VITALITY (with a lot of disengaged labours, within), we experience a greater SENSE OF LIFE and feel energetic.

Whenever we feel exhausted, we end up engaging a maximum number of labours in some or other tasks and left with the least number of disengaged labours.

If we consistently, keep on engaging the labours within (read, VITALITY) our body suffers a state of depleted VITALITY. Simply, a state of LOW ENERGY!

  • This state, in pure Nature Cure, is called a state of ENERVATION.

The state of enervation impacts the process of ELIMINATIONdirectly.

The body suffers reduced elimination.

Eliminations happen in forms ofUrine, Breathing and Sweat through our kidneys, lungs and skin, purifiying the blood.

Elimination helps the body get rid of the toxins that are evolved out of the metabolism process of the body.

When the body suffers a state of REDUCED ELIMINATION, it obviously retains toxins.

  • The state of accumulated toxins within the body is termed as TOXAEMIA in pure Nature Cure.

TOXAEMIA is the only identified disease, according to pure Nature Cure.

Different symptoms evolve in the different individuals when they suffer TOXAEMIA according to their individual state of health and constitution.

Here we need to understand the basic difference between CAUSE & EFFECTS!

TOXAEMIA is the CAUSE,while each and every SYMPTOMATIC problem that we suffer from are nothing but the EFFECTS of Toxaemia.

As explained, TOXAEMIA definitely is the after effect of ENERVATION that the body undergoes when we mismanage our VITALITY, knowingly or unknowingly.

In pure Nature Cure, it is only the CONSISTENT CONSERVATION OF VITALITY (CCV) which helps us to reverse the wellness problems. Because, when we conserve our VITALITY, we end up ‘disengaging the labours within us’ (as mentioned above).

More the disengaged VITALITY, better the room to expel the TOXINS, accumulated within the body.

When we consistently work on the CCV, the body gets assisted consciously.

It tries to expel the toxins through various means.

During the expulsion of toxins, the body experiences discomforts. Because the toxins are not liked by the body. While being expelled, the toxin, comes in contact with our external senses and irritates us.

This state creates some CRISES on the surface of the body. But theseCRISES get triggered to HEAL the problems of toxin accumulation.

  • This state of crisis to heal is termed as HEALING CRISIS in pure Nature Cure.

The HEALING CRISIS could be in form of Fever, Flu, Skin rashes, Loose-motions, Acute pain etc.

These get over NATURALLY when the body completes the expulsion of toxins. The symptoms get swayed naturally.

If we SUPPRESS the symptoms to get rid of the momentary discomforts, the toxin is retained in the body. This retainment proceeds towards the chornifination of disease, progressively. The sufferings get intensified due to the haste decisions of SUPPRESSION.

In upcoming articles we shall dive further deep into few aspects of Health Myths.

Stay tuned!

Thank you…

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