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PSYsolution Series 1: ARTICLE 6 of 15: Terms to know to understand Pure Nature Cure

Any new subject that we start studying needs to start with a glossary of terms.

We shall not go with a long list but a few needed terminologies which are useful to understand the basics and rational aspects of Pure Nature Cure.

Let’s start with the meaning of Pure Nature Cure, first

Pure Nature Cure is a constructive, non-violent method of Vitality Management, which aims at removing the basic causes of disease through the rational use of the natural elements and Conscious conservation of VITALITY.

Constructive no-violent method:
It depicts the exclusion of any destructive measures to our body. This rule excludes all painful interventions. Human genre attains its best status of health in the routes of non-violence. Violence creates a lot of toxins in our mind and body and makes us ill.
Vitality Management: Our vitality is our existence. Nature Cure teaches the best ways to conserve our internal energy so that we can attain and maintain best state of our health.
Rational use: It includes conscious unmodified inputs of fundamental elements and managing individual’s actions and thoughts in terms of preserving and increasing the internal vitality.
Natural elements: It means freely available unmodified natural substances which can be assimilated by the body at ease. Those are available in abundance, in nature.
Conscious conservation of VITALITY: It starts with holistic awareness of vitality quotient, its consumptionand conservation.

Vitality is our existence! The energy that we feel inside of us, is the vitality which forms the basis of Nature Cure Science. It is something added to the concept of energy of physical science used for the non-living objects, it energy with intelligence.

Whatever we do, we do using our vitality.
From blinking of eyes to talking to walking to digestion to the functioning of heart to thinking, most importantly to CURING, all we do use our vitality.
Nature Cure is the science of managing our internal vitality to attain and maintain health.
The conservation law of vitality says, the vitality can neither be created nor be destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.
We receive vitality from nature through various channels, like, different radiations, air, liquid and solid intakes.
We maintain a storehouse of vitality within us to perform anything and everything that we do consciously and beyond consciously, in our life.

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Vitality is not the immunity!
Immunity is generally considered as disease-suppressing, whereas the conserved vitality triggers acute discomforting situations (we often curse them as the disease!) like fever, flu, loose-motion, pain to bring back the equilibrium of the body to attain health. Those are the Curative efforts of the body – to be dealt with utmost congruence with nature.

Curative Capability is one form of vitality through which all organisms cure themselves of all or any health problems.

All the organisms are equipped with their own curative capability. Human beings are not an exception.
When we talk about vitality, Curative Capability is one major form of vitality.
It is a simple economics of vitality management: If we lack vitality in our curing process, then we need to save our vitality in other performances to channelize the vitality in the curing process. It is the same vitality which we use to perform all other conscious and beyond conscious works.

The level of depletion of vitality beyond a limit when toxin or waste elimination is affected negatively is called Enervation. This limit varies individual to individual depending upon their genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors.

Main three areas of Vitality spend:
1. Physical works
Mostly done consciously. Viz. Talking, Walking, Running, Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Process of Eating, Exercising, Playing, Sexual activities, Any muscular movements etc.
2. Physiological works
Mostly done beyond our conscious. Viz. Breathing, Digestion, Excretion, Heart and other internal organ functioning, Sleeping, repairing (curing process) etc.
3. Psychological works
Thought processes – conscious and beyond conscious

Over-indulgence of above any or many works, enervate us.
Enervation is the cause of toxaemia or accumulation of toxins in our body. Enervation impacts the toxin elimination process and toxin accumulation trigger toxaemia.

Improper elimination of toxin triggers bodily discomforts due to the accumulation of toxins, this condition is called Toxaemia.

Due to enervation, body’s toxin elimination process gets affected.
Toxins get accumulated in different parts of the body, that accumulation starts hampering the smooth circulation of bodily fluid.
This condition is a discomforting condition for the body.
Often, the body triggers its special elimination process to control the situation.
Those special elimination processes are, fever, flu, dysentery or pain.
In most of the time, the toxaemic condition gets cured by these special elimination processes, unless those are mismanaged.

The acute level of toxaemia is surfaced as Healing Crisis. This condition of special elimination processes is called Healing Crisis.

Whenever there is a disturb in body’s equilibrium or homeostasis, the body tries to bring back the balance.
Whenever we do not reverse our unwanted enervations, body raises an alarm in form of healing crisis.
By triggering the healing crisis, the body gives us the indication of the need of reversing the causes of enervation and toxaemia.

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It is the conscious efforts of conserving vitality to attain and maintain health and homeostasis of the body.

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Let me discuss a few ways of enhancing the curing process just by rechannelizing vitality:
• The vitality which is used in any physical works can be proven useful for curing process.
• Similarly, if we consciously reduce the loads in our physiological works, which are performed beyond our conscious, can also be proven useful for the curing process.
• Rational Analysis in our thought process reduces the number of thoughts thereby reduces the vitality spends in our psychological works, that also improves the curing process.

Circa means around, dian means day. Circadian cycle is a recommendation (not a mandate)to synchronize our daily activities according to nature’s norms.

It is not a mandate but a recommended process of synchronizing our external activities in accordance with the internal activities and sun movements.
We shall discuss this in details in progressive lectures.

In 1864, a French scientist Louis Pasteur introduced Germ Theory. It explains that the diseases are caused by microorganisms or pathogens outside our body.
This theory forms the basis of the idea of infection, infectious diseases, vaccinations etc.

We have already covered this as a fallacy! This universe will perish in no time in absence of Germs. Even our own existence is dependent on the existence of germs. The generation of filth materials cannot be avoided. The pathogens are the scavengers of the filth materials. Within our body there are millions of germs helping us to maintain our homeostasis. If there is an occurrence of filth, there will be a mandatory requirements of pathogens to scavenge that. Our lifestyle determines the this. The attack of germs – is a superstition!

After almost two decades of the introduction of Germ theory, another French Scientist, Antonio Béchamp introduced Cellular or Soil theory.
It says diseases arise from within the cells of our body.

Diseases are caused by the constituents of the body that are maintained and attained by us through our lifestyles and genetic influences. Germs are just visitors for purpose of decomposing the filth produced in diseased condition. It also can be termed that; germs are necessary presence. Emergence of health eliminates the filth materials and germs are automatically removed due to the lack of filth materials.
Cellular theory is not promoted much due to the over the influence of Germ theory and its industrialization.

The theory that explains a discomforting symptom is caused due inadequacy (or excess) of some specific element (vitamin, nutrients, minerals etc.) in the body.

We have already covered the fallacy of Deficiency theory. The holistic form of the organism is completely ignored in this incomplete theory. The whole can never be compensated by the parts and the parts can never be explored completely – this is the beauty of Nature. This is one of the biggest lacunae of the medical fraternity!
Due to this superstitious theory there are n-number of nomenclatures have been coined by the medical fraternity on the names of diseases such as Lack of specific vitamins or hormones, sodium, calcium, iron or any minerals etc. or Excess of specific vitamins or hormones, uric acid, creatinine or any specific elements etc.
You must be able to relate these with all sorts of conditions named as Diabetes, Thyroidism etc.



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