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PSYsolution Series 1: ARTICLE 10 of 15: STAGES OF DISEASES - as per Pure Nature Cure (PART 2)

In this part, let’s go in little details of the STAGES OF DISEASES as per Pure Nature Cure.

As we have described about the seven stages of diseases in the previous part of this article, as below:

  • Stage 1 - Enervation
  • Stage 2 - Toxaemia
  • Stage 3 - Irritation
  • Stage 4 - Inflammation
  • Stage 5 - Ulceration
  • Stage 6 - Induration (Hardening)
  • Stage 7 - Fungation or Cancer

(Avid readers must refer the book, TOXAEMIA EXPLAINED by Dr JH Tilden to go deeper)

The first stage is ENERVATION

Pure Nature Cure proposes the total vitality quotient of an organism is unchangeable. it means you cannot earn more of it, under any circumstances. Hence one has to manage it well to maintain homeostasis. Enervation is depletion of vitality. When vitality spend goes beyond a limit and the body suffers lack of vitality within to complete its metabolic disposals.

Our body needs Vitality to survive and carry out all its functions. This goes from every tiny to vast task that we perform - Physically, Physiologically & Psychologically. To maintain the levels of our vitality we need to inculcate a habit of resting ourselves Physically, Physiologically and Psychologically. The organic consumption of vitality in the aging process cannot be avoided but we can definitely watch our additional consumptions of Vitality, holistically to inculcate a habit of conservation of vitality. When we do not do that, we suffer the state of ENERVATION, due to unwanted spends of vitality.

The second stage of the disease is TOXAEMIA

When we lack enough Vitality, the metabolic waste of the body circulate in the blood without being properly eliminated. The waste materials are toxins for us. TOXAEMIAis the accumulation of un-eliminated toxins.
We have already learned that Toxins come from 2 sources:
(a) Internal toxins - our own metabolism and from the fermentation of undigested food.
(b) External toxins - food pesticide, the chemical in air and water and obviously in medicines.
This mostly triggers the acute stage of the disease. In this stage, body erupts some acute and intense special elimination process in forms of fever, flu etc. as discussed in earlier articles.
The reason of this stage is incapable elimination process through our eliminating organs e.g. lungs, kidneys and skin due to the excessive drainage of Vitality or the state of Enervation.

The third stage is IRRITATION

When Toxaemia continues for some period, it creates an obstruction of required assimilations of food values in body’s cells. When some part of the body does not get required elements from the input of Radiation, Air, Water and Solid Food, it irritates.
Some warning signals are: itchy skin, nausea, jumpy feeling, prolonged nervousness, depression, anxiety and worry, frequent headaches, minor aches and pains, more difficulty falling asleep, putting on weight, coated tongue, bad breath, increased body odour, sallow complexion, dark circles under the eyes, irregular/heavier menstrual flow etc.

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This state of IRRITATION happens when we undergo the Toxaemic state for some time without conserving VITALITY.

The fourth stage: INFLAMMATION

When the first 3 stages are continued to be ignored by the individual and lifestyle is not corrected, the fourth stage sets in.
Inflammation is body’s intense effort to cleanse itself.
The bodily acute response or warning is Pain.
With inflammation, the toxins in our body system have usually been concentrated in a particular area for a massive elimination.
The word ‘itis’ means ‘inflammation of’; we will be able to correlate easily, a lot of medical terms of diseases ending with ‘itis‘, as Arthritis, Colitis, Gastritis etc. These are not but the Inflammation stage of the disease.

The fifth stage is ULCERATION

We need to remember, always the next stage appears when the prior stage is ignored and suppressed, mainly by not inculcating the habit of conservation of VITALITY.

When our body senses the need to expel toxins because of over-accumulation, suppressions and ignorance and it finds the regular pores or orifices are not enough, then it breaks the skin and erupts some ulcer. Through which the destroyed cells are expelled from the body. This is also an effort of the body to benefit the individual.


Induration is the thickening and hardening of the tissues when our body attempts to protect itself.

The suppression of the previous stages triggers this stage. It means when till the stage of Ulceration is suppressed and conservation of VITALITY is not adopted, the sixth stage, Induration occurs.

The toxic material becomes ring-fenced in a sack of hardened tissue, to stop it from spreading freely throughout our body.
We often call these as tumour, growth or fibroid.
If we do not take corrective measures of vitality conservation, at this stage also then it proceeds further to intensify the chronification further.

The final stage is FUNGATION or CANCER

Continuous suppression of the stages till Induration stage and continuation of the additional wastage and consumption of VITALITY, trigger this stage.

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Lack of aerobic process in some specific area or full body (in rare cases) triggers anaerobic process inside the body.

Where body cells start eating its cells to live.

This stage is usually fatal unless the intense reversal is enforced in life.

At any stage of the disease, the reversal is possible, excluding a few advanced stages.

The reversal happens in same reversing order.

From Fungation to Hardening to Ulceration to Inflammation to Irritation to Toxaemia to the Final cure.

Its indeed a patient process to attain the actual cure.
Otherwise, we have to compromise with suppressions of the symptoms and lower the sense of life.

Apart from the stages of diseases, Pure Nature Cure identifies a single disease TOXAEMIA. If we compare different schools of treatments, we would understand this convergence.

Finally, we would like to share this Converging cone in front of you.

It would help you to understand how the into the knowledge of diseases can be converged to a single disease.

In the biggest trapezium of the horizontal cone is of all medicinal understanding of the disease. These all identify thousands of diseases and keep on adding names of the diseases in the list by considering every part of the body as an independent entity! Unlike the holistic approach of Nature Cure.

In the smaller trapezium, I have placed the Herbalism which is closer to Nature Cure but not the Nature Cure completely. It identifies three diseases as Enervation, depletion of Vitality beyond the limit; Toxaemia, accumulation of toxin beyond the limit; and Deficiency as deficiency of some specific element in the body. The last identification of Deficiency in Herbalism is completely contradictory to Nature’s own cues.

Nature Cure identifies only a single disease as TOXAEMIA which is triggered by Enervation but caused by excessive toxin inputs through faulty lifestyles.


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