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Nature Cure and Vitality : part 2

We read in the previous write up about the energy vampires which drain us of our precious vitality.

In this write up I will share about certain practices which would help you conserve your vitality to a large extent.

Energy savers 1:

Stay Hydrated : when we say stay hydrated we mean consume lots of juicy fruits. Followed by enough water when ever you are thirsty. Being hydrated helps the body function properly. The cells function better, wastes are moved easier and thus not overusing our vitality for normal functions.

Energy Savers 2 :

Take rest: Don't overwork or overstrain over anything. Sleep well at night. Try to sleep in early for the body to be able to rest well and have enough time to recharge and cleanse. Night time is when all our cellular wastes get moved and prepared for elimination. So optimum sleep is a great energy saver.

Energy Savers 3 :

Eat healthy foods. Foods which are least processed help us save our energy to a large extent. Fresh local seasonal ripe fruits digest very easily and the nutrients get assimilated without much pressure on our energy reserves.

Energy Savers 4 :

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Practice being present. Be in the now. Don't worry about the past or stress about the future. The more you enjoy the present moment or just be aware of all the happenings without being sucked into the drama and getting involved emotionally can be a great game changer.

Energy Savers 5 :

Physical activity. A decent amount of stretching and strengthening will help you save a lot of energy. If the body starts stiffening or wasted and extra work might make you feel very tired or taxed. So a healthy amount of stretching and strengthening is a great energy saver.

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