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PSYsolution Series 1: ARTICLE 14 of 15: ACTION MATTERS

In this penultimate topic of this series, we shall focus on a few ACTION BASED GOOD HABITS and try to inculcate the needful habits of less enervation and of vitality conservations.

Hence in these recommendations also, the primary goal is to conserve our vitality to regain and maintain health.

These reversal formulae are generalized ones; these need individual customization with a rational approach for adoption.

Our body gets support from solar radiation a lot. Solar radiation includes both particles and heat. Both have huge impact on our existence.

Solar particles providethe most important raw material for the body.
The thermal influence of the sun is another important aspect we become differently active at different hours of the day depending upon the sun’s availability.

Generally, when the sun starts rising our body gets activated and the first thing it does is eliminating the accumulated waste matters.
It starts at approximately 4 am in the morning.
For the next 8 hrs, we should sync ourselves in the process of RELEASING.
Exercising during this hour is highly recommended as the circulation of the body gets conscious support through these voluntary movements of the body.

We should involve ourselves in physical activities during this phase of 8 hrs.

Skipping breakfast is also recommended to complement this phase.
Not a sudden shift but a gradual shift is recommended to inculcate the habit of skipping the breakfast at the early hours.
Our habit of having breakfast is strongly conditioned, hence till the time we sense the hunger at the phase of the day we should have light breakfast with only juicy fruits. If our body slowly responds and if we don’t feel hungry during this period, we can shift our breakfast time after 12 noon. Listening to the voice of the organism is needed in to grab your breakfast. Eating without hunger is defying the voice of the organism.

After 12 noon, when the sun rises high. Irrespective of geographic and climatic condition, the next 8 hours of the day, the ambient temperature (and light) is maximum. At this hour our body needs to spend the least amount of vitality to maintain the body's normal temperature. The body ends up in conserving a lot of vitality during this period and the same can be utlised by the body for its digestion process. Next 8 hrs can be considered as the RECEIVING hours.

All food consumption ideally should be shifted to this 8 hours slot from 12 noon to 8 pm for better digestion.

From 8 pm to 4 am, the internal process of REPAIRING is done by the body.
In this 8 hrs body assimilates all the required elements from the inputs and also it repairs and cures bodily problems of misalignment from the homeostasis.
In this phase, body requires complete REST.
Rest in terms of physical, physiological and mental.

The above is the first Action-wise change we need to start with while modifying our lifestyle form a conventional lifestyle to a nature-synced lifestyle as far as the timing of the day is concerned.

Execution-wise there are two areas where we can work to better our experience of life.

  1. Exercise and Spinal integrity
  2. Rest and Sleep.

1.Exercise and Spinal integrity

In our body, the blood, air and the filth need to be circulated well for better health. We should consciously consider a mechanical support of the movement to our body. The slow and stretching exercises are recommended which enhance circulation and better the health.

Unnecessary going to the gym is not recommended in Nature Cure, that’s a personal choice. You really don’t need to look like a monster to be healthy.

The healthy body is a lean body with flexibility and maintenance of balance.

The balance is an important aspect. Our solar plexus or the naval area is our centre of gravity (CG). And our Spinal cord is the central axis.
We need to consider both the alignments consciously.

2. Rest and sleep

Rest is rejuvenation!
The vitality needs this support from ourselves.

A lot of repair and correctional activities happen during our sleep and resting process.

Best practices: Exercise and Spinal Integrity.

1. Circulation:

The bodily fluids, be it blood or filths requires circulation.
If it circulates well, it achieves the best disposals.
Exercise is helping the process of circulation, mechanically.

2. No intense gym:

Gyming is a personal choice, not a recommendation of Nature Cure.
Achievement of huge muscular look is a personal preference, not necessarily that it contains health!
Non-violent stretching exercises are recommended for better health.

Image credit:SofieZborilovavia Pixabay

3. Breathing:

Coordination of breathing and exercise is very much important.
Remember, whenever you squeeze your body in any position, you should exhale and whenever you expand your body, you should inhale.

We are not going in the posture wise details, those are easily available, these days. You may visit YouTube and find a lot of exercise choices.

Just select those on the basis of these recommendations of slow and intense exercises.

4. Rest in between the exercise:

It is important to allow the body to rest and instant restoration of energy and avoid enervation. In this regard, I must mention, non-violent massage is also a good choice to enhance circulation, mainly for the people those who have movement problems.

5. Early morning exercise:

The morning hour helps you in many ways, in your elimination process, in your fresh air intake process, in your absorption of dawning sunlight.

6. Spinal integrity:

It is nothing but keeping your body in balance.
Consciously we need to correct the body posture always to regain the balance which we might have lost.
The posture should always be relaxed, not forced; poised not slouch, here is an example.

The rightmost figure is the correct posture.
It is neither a slouched one nor it is forcedly upright one.

Best practices: Rest and Sleep

1. Regular Resting:

The habit of regular resting is a good habit.
The other day someone has asked, if one rest lazily throughout the day, then? We are not meant to be lazy! If someone is acting lazy, it means she or he needs rest. Allow him to rest till he restores the vitality. A vitality will never allow somebody to act lazily. Be patient with a lazy person, s/he might need help.

2. Special Resting:

If we miss out on the regular resting process, then body triggers an acute stage and asks for special resting. We have repeatedly discussed the acute phase of the disease.

3. Sleeping at night:

Sleeping at night is essential, this we understood while understanding the circadian cycle of the body.

4. But how much sleep do I need?

Let your body decide that. Stop using the alarm clock and sleep early, in few days, you will find the reduction in the requirements of sleeping hours.

Sleep early and you can choose to work in the early morning in place of late night. You will have more productivity. Start today. Switch off your alarm. Remember, your health is the most important aspect, rest everything is secondary!

Image credit: Ivan Obolensky via Pexels

5. No work in the bed-room:

Bed room should be for sleeping only. This means the sleeping hour should not be with some engagement. The habit of going to bed with TV, Mobile phone or even books affect our sleep negatively. Please get rid of these engagements.

6. Light and Temperature during sleep:

During sleep we do not need light. The ideal temperature of surrounding would be 25 deg C, reducing it lower in summer or increasing it higher in winter affect our sleep negatively.

7. The best sleeping time:

There are a lot of researches happen in sleep hours and equivalency in the rest and sleep.
Means if we sleep, are we resting properly?
Disturbed dreams are enervative that means even you sleep you don’t rest. Eventually, you need more sleep to cover up. There is an equivalency theory of rest and sleep, early hour sleep gives more rest. The darkest hour from 9 pm to 12 midnight, each hour sleep gives the maximum rest. From 12 midnight to 3 am sleep offers rest of more than the physical hour. From 3 am to 6 am gives a normal rest. Subsequently, the rest is reduced when you sleep even after the sun rose up. As the body starts interacting with the natural light and temperature and repairing process reduces.

Sleeping closer to 8 pm is normally recommended. But at the most by 10 pm, under any circumstances keeping all the practical aspects in mind is strongly recommended. Though earlier the better.

Wake up when you wish to…

Thank you...


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