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Keep the heat out - Naturally

Summer is the time for the skin and body to benefit from natural sunlight. With some very easy measures, a lot can be done to keep the sun out and reduce the extent of heat we receive from the outside, successfully.


1. Vetiver tatties (khus grass curtains) - serve as excellent shades from sunlight. These are very easy to tie or hook above the balconies and windows. After spraying water over them, it allows the air to cool as it enters through the gaps between them.

2. Bamboo curtains – are natural shades, which prevents sunlight and heat from entering inside the area where they are put up.

3. Thick cotton curtains inside the house also provide good shade.

4. Hanging wet towels over windows or near beds ensures a cool afternoon and night through.


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5. Build your own mini plant cover or forest at home in the balcony or terrace – with cooling & oxygen enriching plants such as aloe vera, areca palm (betel nut), snake plants, golden pothos, neem saplings to name a few.

6. Growing creepers indoors and in balconies, especially as natural canopies is another great way of reducing indoor temperature. Besides summer is when they grow the quickest.


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7. During the hottest part of the day we can ward off the heat from skin & body by using stoles/ dupattas, caps and sunglasses to protect the head, face and eyes.

8. Aloe vera - can be used directly or with coconut oil.

9. Coconut oil.

10. Castor oil

11. Rose water

12. Rice powder with a bit of sandalwood powder or turmeric powder can be used for face and body.

The ways mentioned above help soothe the skin, which may be irritated due to external and internal heat.


13. Coir mattresses help the skin breathe freely and hence all skin pores stay healthy.

14. Soft beddings made of black seed cotton is also quite beneficial.

15. Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, banana fibre yarns, clothing grade jute help the skin and body breathe freely.

16. White or light coloured natural fabrics, reflect light and keep us cool.


Summer gives us lots of daytime to travel and an opportunity to savour the local fruits of the region.

1. Travelling to places at higher altitudes provides good relief.

2. How can we miss out swimming pools or the water parks which make the summer so much fun!

Areas near lakes or major water bodies are also a great option as they are significantly cooler than other terrains.

3. Structures with high ceilings and stone or earthen materials are cooler to stay in.


As temperatures are higher inside than usual, the body finds the right conditions to ferment and easily eliminate toxins/ germs/ pathogens in summers in the ways such as:

- Stomach/ gastric issues (diarrhoea/ vomiting) -

- Fever/ headaches

- Sore throat/ cough/ cold

- Eye itching , burning & infections

- Skin outbreaks, rash and itching

Letting the body clear is necessary. The hydrating foods and skin care ingredients already mentioned, along with extra rest to cool the body, help us regain and maintain our health.


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It is imperative that we protect and preserve the sidewalk trees, orchards, gardens, ponds, lakes and community tanks that have helped us get through summers comfortably. By planting more, gardening over our rooftops and collecting & conserving fresh rainwater, we can do wonders to reduce the local temperature in our vicinity.

So let’s make this summer a healthy and enjoyable one!

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