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Drinking water - The Natural Approach

In today's scenario, most persons do not know when & how much water one needs for drinking. Lots of myths are doing rounds in society. Nature Cure has a definitive answer to this.

The right way to have water

Water is a basic need for living. Water is being constantly eliminated from the body through urine, sweat, the faeces, and the outgoing breath. When the body needs water, it is indicated by the sensation of thirst.

For regaining health, as also for retaining and to progressively improve the health level, one must know when & when not to drink water, the quantity of water each time etc.

  • Take water just to satisfy your internal requirements. If anyone advises u to drink daily 8 to 10 glasses of water, do not believe it & blindly follow it. It is not for a third person to indicate how much water you should drink. Improve your health level, follow your true instincts & take in the minimum that is needed - that is the golden rule. If the formula feeding which goes by the name of 'calorie theory'’ is wrong, this water drinking fad that everyone must take a specific quantity daily is equally wrong. Dismiss such authorities whether they call themselves yogis or naturopaths or medical authority (doctor).
  • Ice-cold water must not be drunk, as it will disturb the digestion. Water should be cool but not cold.
  • Clean, unchlorinated, unmedicated water stored in earthen pots is best from the viewpoint of health.
  • Water stored in plastic cans (of suspect quality, which mostly are of) will be detrimental to health.
  • Fresh, cool water has a pleasant taste of its own. The ''taste' of water is the essence of the soul of water. It is simply beyond description as it has a subtle taste. In the Bhagwad Gita, Bhagwan Krishna says – ‘Rassohampsu konteiya’ – “Oh Arjuna, I am the taste in water”.
  • If water is heated or boiled it becomes insipid. From the health point of view, it is unwise to take hot water or hot water cooled.

Water should be your only drink
There is only one drink in the entire world and that is water. All other so-called drinks are either foods or poisons. Tea, coffee, the cold drinks, soft drinks, the alcoholic beverages (beer, hard drinks) etc are poisons whereas fresh (not bottled) fruit juices, raw vegetable juices, coconut water are all foods.

How much to drink?
Too much water -drinking would tax the eliminatory organs, it would weaken the individual, may add to the body weight considerably, disturb digestion and create other complications. Hence, water should not be over consumed.

If anyone consumes fried food, or foods highly spiced with salt in excess and other condiments, if there is little or no vegetables taken with the meals, artificial thirst will be created. If the diet is reformed, on NATURE-CURE lines, the need to drink an enormous quantity of water could be considerably reduced. According to the father of Nature Cure Acharya K L Sarma  ”Vegetablerians need a very little or insignificant amount of water for drinking”.

(About the author - Vijai Pawar - I am a 72-year-old veteran practicing pure Nature Cure for 45 years. Poor inheritance of health in childhood, suppression of ailments with medicines made me a chronic sufferer by age 16. In adulthood, travelling and eating out caused more problems. From a state of being bedridden, I became well under the guidance of Acharya Swaminathan, a great exponent of Divine science of Nature Cure. Now at the age of 72, I lead a healthy life free from any disease and freely share my knowledge with others.)

Title image credit: cocopariesenne via Pixabay

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