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“This pen is very lucky for me. I score well every time I use this pen for any exam! And see, I did well this time too!

Yes, I am talking about the irrationality of the thoughts which may have proven to be POSITIVE for you.


These thoughts sow the seed of irrationality in mind, in anyway, even if there is a short-term positive correlation, in experience, prevails…

If it is an irrational acceptance in mind, it can not be a positive phenomenon for you.

Beware of that, please!

In PSYsolution's course on Nature & Life (level-1), one of the popular topics in scientific Superstitions addresses the myths of curing the deficiencies and fallacies of Deficiency Theory.

Acceptance of Deficiency Theory in our mind is that kind of seed of irrationality  is sowed through different conditioning.

Deficiency theory proposes that many of our health problems are CAUSED due to the less or excessive presence of some SPECIFIC element/chemical(s) in our body.

The specification is established upon some laboratory testing processes. Mostly done out of blood analyses.

The test reports are not irrational but grossly irrelevant and unnecessary!
Those reports are, maybe, the EFFECTS, not the CAUSES. Considering these, as CAUSES leads us to superstitions.

[For the sake of understanding health, let us ignore the facts of manipulations of the prescribed normal standard ranges of lab-reports – though I agree knowledge of the same is also an important fact.]

When we undergo some health problems, the chemicals in our body get disturbed! Our body is an amazing orchestration of unlimited types of chemicals. Just a few are identified and labelled by the medical science.

Why are the test reports not relevant to reverse the health?

Because it does not serve any purpose, other than making us superstitious!

The reversal of health depends upon the reversal of lifestyle while embracing more and more conservation of vitality:
Physically – Physiologically – Psychologically.

Based on the described lab reports, compensatory supplements are prescribed to tweak the reports in the next trail of testing. It is nothing but an impact of reverse engineering or a back calculation of an arithmetic problem to match with a pre-determined specific solution without understanding it. It is nowhere related to holistic health. It might give a momentary pseudo sense of relief. That’s it!

The betterment of health lies in the conservation of vitality – nothing else! The sense of bad health should be determined and established by your own feelings of SENSES & ACTIVITIES that you are designed to perform.

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Now what happens, many people non-dialectically accept the recommendations of Nature Cure just for the sake of reversal of momentary health problems. And then they keep checking their blood reports – BEFORE & AFTER to gauge the ‘improvements’ of health!

Most of the times they find it as ‘improving’!

And they become very happy.

This is what is, I call the LUCKY CHARM SYNDROME.

Even if your blood reports are giving you a positive sense of improvement, it is irrationally connected to your health. It is just conspiring with your intellect. It is superstition.

Next time, when you are absolutely healthy and your blood reports are not coming normal – you will bluff and mislead yourself.

Also, if you are unhealthy from within and your blood reports are coming as normal (which happens with the administrations of supplemental medicines), you will bluff yourself and suffer miserably at a later stage.

Hence, it is the high time that we take the responsibility of our health into our own hands and look at our lifestyle to consider CONSERVATION OF VITALITY consciously, consistently.

Let’s tear-off the so-called good blood reports and get rid of the LUCKY CHARM SYNDROME!

Your health cannot be confined to a piece of paper.

Thank you...


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06:56 PM | 24-06-2019

Health cannot be confined to a piece of paper - well said!

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