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This article is an important one to understand the organism'sunique (and different) reactions to similar stimuli.

I have received this question, lately:

“I have been using computers for 10 years now! I use it almost 12-15 hours a day, even in a dark room. My eyes are best in its health. No vision loss! Your explanation of listening to the voice of the organism does not seem to apply for me! Can you explain, please?”

The originality of the Voice of the Organism

Before going to the explanation, let me remind the correlation of the voice of the organism. For an analysis of the voice of the organism, we need to understand the thumb-rule of ‘GOOD FEELING’ Vs ‘BAD FEELING’.

We need to reach to the SOURCE of the feeling, first.

The source is the STIMULUS, if the stimulus is a natural one then the response is absolutely natural.

The decision would be very easy, in this case.

We can opt to carry on with the ‘good feeling’ and stop confronting the stimulus when we experience ‘bad feeling’.

The voice of the organism says that the continuation of the stimulus giving ‘good feeling’ till it remains ‘good’ is good for us; and, the avoidance of the stimulus giving ‘bad feeling’ is also good for us.

Now, if the stimulus is artificial and manmade, then even the ‘good feeling’ needs to be evaluated for its original voice of the organism. Artificial enhancement of a ‘good feeling’ is actually bad for our health and happiness.

Often, the ‘bad feeling’ is suppressed and morphed as a ‘good feeling’ with human intervention.

Hence the evaluation of originality of the voice of the organism is a very important aspect.

‘Good feeling’ conserves vitality and bad feeling consumes vitality more. Often, a continuation of a ‘bad feeling’, enervates us and lead us to Toxaemia.

All of our senses and sense organs work towards indicating the good and the bad to us through the voice of the organism.

These lead us to lead a healthy and happy life if we choose to honour the voice!

Eyes causing enervation

As far as the eyes are concerned, this is our one of the most important sense organs.

For eyes, ‘the source of light’ generates a ‘bad feeling’.

We cannot look at ‘the source of light’ directly; our eyes get irritated.

Eyes start watering and the eyelids get closed on its own.

Image credit: FirmBee via Pixabay

Human intelligence for many reasons, choose to make the source of lights ‘interesting’ to suppress the ‘bad feeling’. The television sets, the computers, the mobile phones etc. are all made interesting, attractive, ‘useful’ and entertaining under the created-definitions of human civilization. These all are nothing but the sources of light – evidently!

This factor creates continuous suppression of the ‘bad feeling’ of eyes being generated while looking at the source of light.

For eyes, the opaque reflected light is vision enabling without enervation.

The eyes get a natural good feeling when we look at an opaque object under a source of light.

Now the questioner raised the question on the voice of the enervating eyes and claims that his eyes are completely healthy.
The body never works in a linear formula of enervation.

It actually works holistically. All the sense-inputs are cumulatively addressed by the body. It means, the vitality spend is a holistic execution by the body.

A whole, the enervation matters!

It is not true that the primary part of the body which is causing the enervation will be affected in isolation.


Everyone has their individual weak-links of the body. Weak-links are genetically and habitually chosen by the body.

These are unique to each individual.

If the individual is enervated, then the weak-links will be affected first. It is not linearly correlated on the basis of the organ(s) of enervation.

Image credit: FreePhotos via Pixabay

Hence, in this case, the eyes are not affected even if those are causing tremendous consumption of vitality or the enervation. The enervation surely affects the elimination and excretory process. Which leads to toxin accumulation in the body.

The Toxaemia

Toxaemia or the accumulation of toxin occurs in the weak-link of the body.

For examples; If the toxin gets accumulated in the joints, we call it arthritis; if it is in the pancreas, we call it diabetes; if it is in thyroid glands, we call it thyroidism; if it is in the arteries, we call it heart disease etc.

In this phenomenon, we see the combined beauty of ‘the voice of the organism’ and the ‘law of unity’ both.

It is not the parts but the whole which matters the most. Parts just contribute their roles.

A toxaemia is a toxaemia, whatever the name we may choose to award to it!

I know my questioner friend for taking his thyroid pills regularly!


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