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FOOD and VITALITY - again and again

In his autobiographical book, ‘The story of my experiments with TRUTH’, Mr MK Gandhi shared his experience ofeating meat.

He shares:

“…I asked my friend the reason and he explained it thus: 'We areweak people because we do not eat meat. The English are able to rule over us because they are meat-eaters. You know how hardy I am, and how great a runner too. It is because I am a meat-eater. Meat-eaters do not have boils or tumours and even if they sometimes happen to have any, these heal quickly. Our teachers and other distinguished people who eat meat are no fools. They know its virtues. You should do likewise. There is nothing like trying. Try, and see what strength it gives….”

Mr Gandhi continues…

“…All this had its due effect on me. I was beaten. It began to grow on me that meat-eating was good, that it would make me strong and daring, and that, if the whole country took to meat-eating, the English could be overcome.…It was not a question of pleasing the palate. I did not know that it had a particularly good relish. I wished to be strong and daring…”

Then he describes his experience of eating meat due to the pursuance of his friend and his perceived dissonance due to the lying to his parents.

Finally, he admits that deceiving and lying to the parents is worse than eating meat and he discontinued eating meat thereafter.

He says,

“…This decision I communicated to my friend, and I have never since gone back to meat….”

Then the narration took a turn to the ethical explanation of ahimsa, the non-violence, and the faithfulness.

The reason why I started this article with this incidence is the long-rooted conditioning of the fact that food gives us energy is not a new thing but perennially it is making mankind superstitious.

The play of the FORMLESS entity, the vitality, is beyond the control of any organism. Even the synthesizing of the vitality which happens during the process of conception or copulation is also beyond the organism’s direct control. It just happens out of the attraction of the pleasure of the act (read, sex). Nobody can guarantee a conscious and controlled synthesizing process to form a life. It is a complicated process and beyond our direct conscious control.

How the vitality is synthesized and if that can be increased in a lifetime is a yield-less strive of mankind since long. The process of enhancement of vitality is beyond our comprehension.

What we can do is simplifying our lives to manage the vitality in a better way which is allotted to us during our conception without striving towards the enhancement of the vitality-quotient.


As conscious to-be-parents, the couples can cleanse their FORM (the body) through intelligent vitality conservations, well before the conception, to gift their offspring a higher quantity and quality of VITALITY (the FORMLESS) through a healthy process of copulation. Unfortunately, the current sex-education and the understanding of sex do not include this dialectic factor of mindful procreation. This is very much needed to make the awareness about making the future generations healthier and full with a greater sense of life, vigour and vitality.

The idea of food giving the vitality or the energy, makes mankind consider that more the complex the food is, better the vitality it gives! The idea of meat-eating as explained by Mr Gandhi, in his childhood, is irrationally founded with deep conditioning of relating the food with the power!

Contrary to this falsified popular belief, more the simple the food is, better it brings the health to the individual through effective vitality conservation.

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The R-A-W (Radiation-Air-Water) and the raw fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. are the simplest foods and these help us to conserve a lot of vitality.

Conservation of vitality helps us to be powerful.

Complex food drains our vitality making us less powerful, sometimes perhaps with a sense of stimulating power, primarily driven by the conditioning of the myth that food has energy!

Hence it is more of an intelligent act to choose vegetarian foods, primarily raw, than the ethical components attached to it. Ethics is a by-product of the process, not the goal.

Thank you!


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06:43 AM | 26-07-2019

Very nicely explained! Vitality is the true essence of healing, and thankyou for conveying this message.

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