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Toxins - The One And Only Cause Of All Diseases

New diseases are being diagnosed and named at alarming frequency. Added to this, the confusion of do’s and don’t for each of such diseases and the myriad of treatments. This article breaks through the confusion and explains how all diseases are caused due to unremoved toxins in the body. Learn what creates toxins and aid the body in getting back to health.

What are toxins?

The literal dictionary meaning of the word toxin is poison. It is commonly used to denote unwanted waste material in our body produced through metabolic activities & food.

Why are toxins created?

Toxins are created in the body by 2 ways:

  • Through metabolism: Just as an industrial machine releases smoke when it is manufacturing a product, every action of the body, big or small, leads to release of toxic waste. You raise a finger, waste will be produced. You blink your eyes, waste will be produced. You walk, you talk, you think, any activity that your body does, internally or externally, produces waste.
  • Through the food we eat: Every time we eat something, it leaves a residue after being processed in the body. This residue is either alkaline or acidic in nature. Acidic residue is toxic & primarily comes from foods such as milk & milk products, non veg, refined foods such as oil, salt & sugar; packaged foods that use artificial agents & preservatives, junk food & grains.

Toxic waste must be removed from the body by the elimination channels: bowels, bladder, lungs, skin. While elimination is a routine function of the body, certain activities can lead to a buildup of toxic wastes in our body. For eg: Lack of sleep, stress, anger & negative emotions, unhealthy foods, wrong eating times etc.

Why is a toxic body not good for health?

If you look at it from nature’s point of view, creation of toxins in the body is a natural process & elimination of these toxins by the body is also a natural process. Then how do toxins lead to bad health?

Well it’s the accumulation of toxins that’s a problem. It means an imbalance in the body’s natural process and this translates into illness / disease.Over time, the gradual accumulation of toxins leads to what we call as dis-eases.

We have summarized the ill effects of a toxic body as follows:

  1. Low energy level: A toxic body is always hard at work to remove the waste material. Hence, we feel depleted of energy.
  2. Lower immunity: A toxic body is acidic. Germs thrive in an acidic environment; they cannot survive in an alkaline state. Hence, a toxic body leads to lower immunity.
  3. Disease: A toxic body is unable to get rid of toxins / waste materials effectively. These interfere in the normal functioning of the body & lead to illnesses.

Toxins & weight gain

  1. If the waste material made in your body everyday is more than the waste material removed, it is stored as fat. To preserve your life, body keeps these toxins away from vital organs. Hence, fat is accumulated at places such as thighs, hips, mid section, under the chin, upper arms, etc.
  2. As long as the body has sufficient energy to eliminate toxins, they will be eliminated. Else the excess will accumulate & make you overweight.
  3. Also, toxins are acidic in nature. To neutralise their effect, body retains water & this further adds to your weight!!

What to do?

  1. Don’t let the toxins accumulate. Loose motions, running nose, fever & infact all illnesses are body’s way of throwing out toxins or signalling to you that it needs help. Just give it this help in terms of eating natural foods & resting a lot.
  2. Eat whole plant based foods, they are nutritious & easy-to-digest. They help in conserving energy for critical body functions of elimination, growth, repair & maintenance. Animal foods are difficult-to-digest & leave an acidic residue.
  3. Fibre removes toxins from your body, it is good for your good health. Hence load up on leafy greens, fruits & veggies.
  4. Focus on the ‘elimination’ cycle in the circadian rhythm. Eat a lot of fruits every morning & evening. Enjoy them as-is or have them as juices & smoothies. Try to have an all-fruits breakfast every morning to support the elimination cycle. Also have an early and light dinner.
  5. Toxins also enter our body through the products we use & the air we breathe. Try to use natural, chemical free soaps, shampoos, detergents, toothpastes, creams, room fresheners, etc. Look around, you will start seeing options once you seek. In your kitchen, replace plastic & aluminium with glass & stainless steel...transform your kitchen, go back to basics.
  6. Do some relaxation practices regularly to de-stress your body and aid it in effective digestion and elimination.
  7. Make exercise a part of your regular routine. Exercises help in better circulation of body fluids and toxin elimination.


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