My Triumph Over Ulcerative Colitis & Infertility

Anchal Kapur

Natural Healing Advisor

03:05 PM | 08-08-2019

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Anchal’s health issues began with severe body aches, followed by ulcerative colitis and infertility. Her gynae gave her a 3 month window to conceive, else rush for IVF. At a young age of 32 years, for colitis, she was supposed to be on medication for the rest of her life. Anchal had started blaming it on her bad luck, until she attended a workshop conducted by The Health Awareness Center, Mumbai. She learnt how the human body works perfectly if provided the right inputs of nutrition, rest & sleep. She also attended an online seminar organized by Elisabeth Manning, a US based fertility specialist, which reinforced these learnings, with specific focus on emotional well being. From thereon there has been no looking back. Today she is a proud mother to a 2.5 years old son. She now lives an illness free, medicine free and fearless life. Here is her story.

Anchal Kapur
36 years, Co-founder - Wellcure

It began with aches

In early 2014, I suffered severe left shoulder and upper back aches. Numerous doctor visits, x-rays, MRI, etc. revealed I had severe spasms in my cervical. I took physiotherapy sessions and thereafter continued doing few exercises daily. Though the spasms went away, upper back ache became a recurring problem.

Loosies, uncontrollable & with blood

In Aug 2014, I had a very debilitating experience of bloody loose motions. I had no control on my motions, I had to immediately rush to the bathroom else I would end up passing motion wherever I was. It was a traumatic experience and I started staying indoors and close to the bathroom always. Once again after numerous doctor visits and tests including wrong diagnosis and wrong medication, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). UC is termed as a chronic (lifelong) auto immune disease which goes through stages of flare up and remission .I was in the flare up stage. Hence, the gastroenterologist put me on heavy medication including steroids, I was having a handful of medicines after every meal but they just didn’t seem to work. I lost 5 kgs during the ailment. Meanwhile my mother’s friend happened to mention a natural remedy to cure UC – jackfruit leaves powder. As medicines were not doing me any good, I decided to try this out and voila, my condition started improving. In Nov 2014, my UC subsided and went into remission stage.

On the face of it, remission stage meant no bloody loosies and I would appear illness free but there is always this risk of flare up again. Hence, you always live in fear, you always avoid certain food items and you always eat medicines. At the age of 32 if someone tells you to start eating xyz medicines for the rest of your life, you feel very dejected.


Just when things were returning to normal, I started experiencing some issues in my menstruation cycle. I underwent some tests which revealed hormonal imbalances implying early onset of menopause / low fertility. Gosh, I was married for 5 years and was yet to start a family. I really wanted to know what lead to this, but surprisingly the gynecologist gave the same answer - it ‘just happens’ to some people. I was put on heavy medication and given a time limit of 3 months to conceive; else my gynae wanted me to rush for IVF. Can you imagine how much emotional trauma I would have gone through, can anyone conceive in such distress!!

The turning point

As life moved on coping with stress and eating lots of medicines, I happened to attend a 3 day workshop by ‘The Health Awareness Center’, Mumbai (THAC) titled ‘The Awakening’ in Mar 2015. The workshop aimed at explaining how our body is self healing and designed to function perfectly if we provide it the right inputs. It helped me understand how our incorrect food and lifestyle choices invite illness. From this workshop I could clearly understand what lead to what in my body. I had been searching for an answer everywhere but the answer was right there and it was so simple.

In Jun 2015, I attended an online seminar organized by Elisabeth Manning, a US based fertility coach. The seminar included distinguished speakers from the field of fertility, mental, spiritual and emotional health, all focusing on natural health. The seminar reinforced my learning from the previous workshop I attended, with specific focus on emotional well being.

What changed?

I began to follow the natural way of living. I always liked to eat fruits, but now I started eating more of them. My breakfast comprised of fruits only and in the evening also I ate a large serving of fruits. I also started eating a lot of vegetables in raw form, in the form of salads & juices.

I reduced my intake of grains as I learnt that grains are acidic in nature & body heals best in an alkaline environment. Also, instead of wheat rotis, I started eating ragi roti, makki roti, besan chilla and sprouted dal chilla. I replaced white sugar, iodized salt, dairy products, refined oil with healthier substitutes. I gave up non veg & packaged foods and moved towards incorporating whole plant based food on daily basis.

Most importantly, to complement the above, I made an effort to stay happy. I slept well, engaged in joyful activities to keep myself relaxed. I kept full faith in the healing abilities of my body, I remained positive.

The big impact

Once I adopted the natural way of living, I immediately discontinued all medicines. I started experiencing magic in my body. I began sleeping like never before, my body aches vanished, my energy levels increased. The gynaecologist’s 3 month window for me conceiving else going for IVF lapsed, but neither did I go for IVF nor did I feel stressed about it.

Within the next few months, I conceived naturally. My pregnancy progressed smoothly, there were no complications or relapse of UC, as many doctors had feared me to believe. I was totally in control of my well being, was active throughout and had a normal delivery in Feb 2016. Today I am a proud mother of a 2.5 year old boy named Samar, hormonal issues have not returned, UC has not returned. Health has been fine and occasional minor issues such as cough cold, headache, bodyache are healed by the body itself through natural measures.

To conclude, there is no looking back, I am fearless, I am independent, I have full faith in my body. I love my freedom and truly wish everyone could win and enjoy this freedom too.

Read about the next of my journey sharing how I followed Natural Laws and sailed smoothly through my pregnancy.


(About Anchal Kapur: Anchal is a post graduate in finance, she enjoys listening to music in her free time. After working with various multinationals such as Dabur, HSBC, KPMG & Airtel for 9 years, she took a break to focus on her health. She is now the co-founder of Wellcure.)

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10:50 AM | 11-07-2021

Anchal Kapur

04:16 PM | 16-11-2020

I'm hosting an online program next week - 'Boost fertility naturally'. Pls see details here -

Manmeet Singh Batra

08:27 PM | 17-06-2020

Your story instills a lot of faith in the path of natural healing. I am so confident now that, even though it may take time depending on the damage one may have done to her/his body, the body will eventually heal itself .
Thankyou for sharing it πŸ˜‡πŸ™


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