How I fought diabetes through Nature Cure

This is the story of Binu; a jovial housewife who was engrossed in being a homemaker and shouldering her responsibilities, when she discovered she had diabetes. At merely 34 years of age, she was suffering from this disease, was tired of taking medication and being constantly worried about her health. But, then she witnessed the transformation of her husband, Pramod Pathak who cured his diabetes by following a natural lifestyle in 2016. It inspired her to follow the same path and end her 12 years long, painful journey with the disease. Read her journey towards leading a medicine-free life.


Binu Pathak

49 years, Housewife

Indore, Madhya Pradesh


Hiccups in my second pregnancy

In 2003, I was five months pregnant and was hardly feeling any good. This was my second pregnancy, and I thought I had an idea about handling it well. However, this time, it was different. I was on complete bed rest for the first five months. On a regular health check-up with my doctor, I underwent a few tests. I was found to have a condition known as ‘incompetent cervix‘. It meant that my uterus could not take the weight of foetus. As a precautionary measure, stitches were placed in the mouth of my uterus to continue the pregnancy safely. My doctor advised complete bed rest for the remaining 4 months as well.

I was seven months into the pregnancy when my husband got transferred to Ooty for a year-long program and decided to let me stay at my father’s place in Nasik. It was on a day during the 8th month that I encountered the unimaginable. I was not able to walk or breathe and was continually panting. My mother asked me to relax, and my family took me to the hospital immediately. In less than an hour, I delivered a pre-mature baby boy.

Diagnosed with diabetes

Soon after my husband and I decided that I along with the kids should also move to Ooty. It was getting difficult for me to manage both kids on my own. My elder daughter had developed jaundice, and my new-born baby needed a lot of care. However, as we moved to Ooty, I began to sense a lot of changes in my body. I used to feel weak, was constantly falling prey to cough and cold, and felt lethargic most of the times. Also, I developed boils on my body, especially - breast, hands and stomach. As my family had a history of diabetes, I was worried about myself. On the other hand, my mother-in-law was showering her love on me, by making homemade laddoos and giving me the diet that every new mother is supposed to take.

The following year, in 2004, my husband got transferred to Manipur. To take better care of the family, my kids and I shifted to Gwalior, where my father was posted at that time. As I reached there, the boils on my body increased, and so did my weight. From 63 kgs, my weight increased to 84 kgs. My father also got suspicious and got my tests done immediately. The reports indicated that my sugar level was very high and I was diabetic.

The aftermath and my healing

I was prescribed medicines for the treatment of diabetes. Even though I ate a healthy diet, took my medicines on time and did regular walking, I kept struggling with my health. After 3 months, I became hypoglycaemic, i.e., my blood sugar dropped below the normal levels. I was on a heavy dosage of medication due to which I often faced an upset stomach. Once, things got so worse that I was admitted to the hospital and given injection.

I kept consuming medicines from 2004 till 2016 until I witnessed my husband’s transformation. He too was diagnosed as diabetic and had gained a lot of weight. He researched and started following a plant-based diet, i.e., a diet that comprised of fresh fruits, veggies and completely cut off dairy, processed food and sugar. Within a month, all his reports were normal! He advised me to follow the same and see if it works for me. I had seen him change into this completely new person in terms of his health and wanted to give this an honest try.

In 2016, I modified my diet by making the following changes:

  • I consumed fresh and seasonal fruits until noon for breakfast. At times, I also drank green veggies juice.
  • My lunch comprised of moong dal and a bowl of salad.
  • I replaced wheat with ragi and kuttu atta.
  • I cut off sugar and processed food completely.
  • I ate almonds, walnuts and coconut pieces in moderation.
  • I’ve been very fond of dairy products since childhood. It was a difficult decision to make, but slowly and steadily, I managed to get off it too.
  • I soaked up sun for at least 20 minutes each day.
  • I always finished my last meal of the day by 7 pm.
  • I ensured that I got sound sleep by aligning myself with the circadian rhythm of the body.
  • I had always been attentive towards my exercise regimen and walked regularly. Thanks to the combined effect of the dietary changes along with the natural vitamin D intake, I could now see a rise in my energy levels. My stamina increased to the extent that I now started running at a stretch of 8 km!

As I followed the above, my stomach was no longer upset, and my weight also reduced to 66 kgs. The best part was when after four months, my sugar levels were back to normal and I could let go of my medicines completely. It was such a relief that after more than a decade of struggle, I was finally able to live with joy and anticipation towards the future.


Today, I live a healthy, medicine-free life. I have attained the wisdom to eat in moderation. I continue to follow a plant-based diet as it gives me joy and makes me physically and emotionally healthy. I strongly recommend anyone suffering from a health issue to give a nod to this lifestyle. Eat foods in their ‘whole’ form, the natural version instead of the refined ones. Nature has always been our provider and being in sync with it is the most significant medicine that one needs to take!

I hope my journey inspired you all and urges you to follow a healthy lifestyle as well.


(About Binu Pathak: I am a housewife who enjoys spending time with her family. I like to take care of my children, talking to my daughter and enjoying the small things in life. I also like to write as I get some free time. I am thankful to have a loving husband and family.)

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Congratulations...go ahead with e happy sugar free life...


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Very nice


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Very nice,great you are.


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Thanks for reply ma'am.


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Thank u,very inspiring story 🖒


05:24 PM | 11-11-2019

Nice ma'am. cut off of complete diary products means
No milk,no curd,no paneer at all?

Asha Shivaram

12:02 AM | 12-11-2019

Yes. Dairy products are high in fat and have no fibre, are difficult to digest and full of hormones. They cause rapid hike in blood sugar.

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