I Overcame Physical and Mental Pain through Nature Cure

Asha suffered from many years with irregular menstruation, uterus removal, unbearable shooting pains, ulcer, migraine, fatty liver, insomnia, thyroid issues and depression. She ignored her body’s message for a long time and continued suffering. Under the able guidance of a nature cure practitioner, she found her way back to health and healed herself of physical and mental pain. Today she leads a disease-free life and is ready to take on all that life has for her. Here is her story.

Asha Jain

49 years, Homemaker

Pallipet, Tamil Nadu

My body was calling for help

I used to suffer from migraines and fibroadenomas. Six years in 2012, I also got my uterus removed due to menstrual problems. I was told that it could become cancerous so I underwent a surgery to get it removed. Soon, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and started taking medication. Thereafter other problems like insomnia and fatty liver got added to my list of issues.

In 2015, I began to experience unbearable, gun-shooting pain and particularly more in my stomach whenever I ate fried or spicy food. I visited many doctors including gastroenterologists in search of a solution. After scans, I was told I had ulcers in my stomach and was given medicines but they offered me little relief. I started developing migraines too.

This was the physical side of things but I was suffering mentally as well. Due to my continuing health and other family problems, I went into depression. I used to cry all night long and would start shedding tears all of a sudden for no reason. I couldn't understand the reason for my sadness, or of the constant fear I had. I had become a subdued shadow of myself.

All in all, I was going through extremely trying times. I had been consuming medicines for many years and the problems kept increasing – every day was spent in some sort of pain or another.

Healing through nature cure

In 2016, unable to see myself in constant pain and suffering, my sister convinced me to go and stay at Antahasatva (formerly Kayakalp) – a nature cure centre in Arcot, Tamil Nadu. The plan was to stay for only five days, but my visit extended further for fifteen days. As I was seeing good results for my health problems I ultimately stayed there for a month. That period of one month turned out to be magical for me; not only did I get rid of my physical symptoms but I came out to be a happier person.

Swati Dhariwal, the nature cure practitioner who runs Antahasatva, guided me through all the treatments. Based on her advice, I stopped thyroid medications within 5 days of the start of the treatment.

The diet was predominantly live, fresh foods - coconut water, seasonal fruit and vegetable juices, fruits and salads. The daily routine included sunbath, yoga, walks and several other therapies like spinal and hip bath, mud bath, steam bath and daily counselling sessions.

Staying on raw was quite tough for me but with Swati’s gentle counselling and my will power to get better I got through it.

As I went through these therapies, I experienced healing crisis i.e. my body was detoxing. I had nausea, severe migraines and outpouring of emotions. Migraines used to be managed with hydrotherapy and a juice made from pumpkin and plantain stem.

Within 15 days of being on these routines, the unbearable pains in my body subsided. The heavy feeling of depression got better day by day as I cleansed deeply from within. Eating living foods in the form of raw fruits and vegetables, spending time in nature and heart to heart talks with Swati helped me heal. Her positive words shifted something inside me, and I saw a new way to look at various happenings in my life. I had control over my health, and the idea of disease-free and happy life seemed very feasible now.

Continuing on the path of natural healing

After completing one month at Antahasatva, I was advised to continue the same at home for a couple of more months. I consumed only raw food for 2 more months at home and continued yoga, walking, sunbath etc. I continued to experience deeper cleansing of mind and body and amazing positivity. For almost a year, I kept off dairy and tea too. Gradually I started adding a little cooked food into my diet.

Today, I have only seasonal fruits for breakfast or sometimes herbal juice. I finish my dinner before sunset i.e. before 6:30 p.m. Every month, I do a 36 hour fast i.e. finish dinner by 6:30 p.m. and the day after the next, break my fast at 8:00 a.m. or so with fruits or juices. I avoid eating out and if I do eat out, I balance it by eating something light. I do eat a bit of ghee or oil sometimes but try to keep it minimal.

The transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. The migraines and stomach aches are a thing of the past The loneliness, unexplained grief and crying, negative thoughts of worry, being scared, lack of confidence etc. are also gone. I am so much more positive and I handle all problems in life with a positive mindset. I am ready to take on anything.

Maintaining the balance

I continue on this path, though the hectic lifestyle of taking care of family causes me to break my food habits now and then. I have reverted to having a cup of tea with a little milk every day. We are all slaves of the senses and the addiction to cooked food is strong. I try to maintain a balance with juices and fruits whenever I indulge.

If I face any kind of pain, I know that my body will selfheal if I give it enough rest and eat light so I switchover to be completely on raw foods. My own observations have shown me that fruits are the best as they digest very fast whereas grains, salt, chillies etc. are heavier on the stomach so I avoid them if I am in any kind of pain.

Sleep and rest

I listen to my body and take adequate rest whenever I feel the need. I have developed the habit of observing my breath whenever I feel mentally disturbed and feel the need to relax. Observing and being aware of my breath calms me down and also give me a good night’s sleep which has been a big factor in my healing journey.

My message

I would like to advise everyone to experience at least once, the magical path of healing through Nature Cure. What you need is a belief in yourself and in your body's healing power. Give it time and even though it might seem extremely difficult to start, it will produce significant long term results. Medicines and surgeries have so many unwanted side effects. By healing yourself through Nature, you experience the magical return to health in mind, body and spirit.


(About Asha Jain: Asha Jain is a homemaker residing in Tamil Nadu. In her free time, she loves to read books, keeping her house spic and span, listening to music, enjoying the rains and gardening. She also likes to be regular with her yoga and meditation practice.)


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