How Nature Cure saved my life from chronic illness

Vijai Pawar had suffered all through his childhood and early adulthood with bad health. From chronic cold, cough to recurring diarrhoea; he was being pushed to the corner by life. He tried conventional & alternative forms of medicine, but only after adopting Nature Cure did he find relief. He is happy to be alive today. Read on his story of grit below.

Vijai Pawar

72 years, Retd. Chemical & Metallurgy Engineer, Indian Railways


Health issues during the first 30 years of my life

Throughout my childhood and early adult life, I was plagued by ill-health. By the time I was 16 yrs old, in 1963, I had fallen prey to chronic cold and cough. I had tried all forms of medicines, with my doctor even advising anti-catarrhal medication to be injected every six months. Unfortunately, none of it helped. In my life span till that point, I was laid down by typhoid twice and once by jaundice. The poor health impacted my studies, and I just managed to pass my B. Sc finals with sufficient marks.

Life went on, and I secured a job as a chemist with Railways in 1968. It required me to travel frequently, and I satiated my hunger by consuming outside food. Due to reckless eating in dhabas and restaurants, I started witnessing acute diarrhoea. My poor health impacted my job negatively too. Not only did I lose around 14-15 kgs, I was mostly bedridden and could not attend my office premises.

On the other hand, the side-effects of medicines were extremely high. I would feel non-energetic, would be passing stools 5-6 times a day. Also, I experienced hairfall, heartburn, insomnia, depression, gum decay and inflammation. My body suffered more as one of the medicines consisted of metallic content that affected my kidneys. I had to undergo a surgical operation to get rid of the kidney stone; an incident that led to further loss of energy in my body.

Introduction to Nature Cure

I had reclined myself to fate when a friend paid a visit to me and gave a book on Nature Cure. He advised me to try this form of treatment. This was in 1974. I was 27 years old when I decided to take a two-month break from my job to pay attention to my health.

I visited a famous naturopathy centre in Eastern UP to try the natural lifestyle. Once the treatment process began, I realized it was very chaotic as they had prescribed the same treatment to all their 200 patients, without knowing their actual health issues. I had no option left but to leave the centre, utterly disappointed. However, one good thing did come out of it. I had collected a large number of books on this subject and read them voraciously. I was convinced that natural living had the solutions to my health issues.

In the year 1976, when I was 29, I went to another centre in Haryana but again was let down by the management. I was on a lookout for a master on this subject; which was a herculean task in itself as no one in my immediate contacts knew any expert. At the Nature Cure centre in Haryana, I came across a magazine ‘Life Natural’ from where I got the address of Sri Swaminathanji.

Adopting Nature Cure

I went to Delhi to consult him. After I cited my problem, he gave me a Nature Cure programme to follow and also asked me to pen a letter to him every 15 days or whenever I was in doubt. My interaction with him instilled new confidence and hope in me and I began following his advice religiously. I was amazed when my health considerably improved in the next 2-3 months and I was able to follow my regular routine.

But like every Nature Cure healing journey, I too encountered a period of healing crises after 3 months when I was down with high fever. Even though I fasted for 2-3 days and recuperated from the fever, I lost all my appetite and was unable to digest any cereal. Soon I saw my dormant dyspepsia resurface. I immediately consulted Swaminathanji again and he asked me to read the magnum opus of Practical Nature Cure. It has been curated by the Nature Curist Acharya K L Sarma, the greatest practitioner of natural living in the world. Swaminathanji encouraged me to absorb the contents of the book seamlessly and become my own doctor! I learnt about the concept of Vital Economy and Law of Non-Violence through his work. I read and followed each aspect of the book and the life transformations it brought were nothing short of a miracle.

Experiencing the positive change

All my health problems vanished in quick time - diarrhoea, flatulence, acidity, dyspepsia, pyorrhoea, insomnia, acne, pimples, loss of hair. I was feeling on top of the world, and enjoying such a high level of health which I had never enjoyed in the past. I had a lot of energy in me, it was quite contrary to my previous life where I was struggling to survive for even a single day. My health had reached such a low level earlier that I would wear warm clothing throughout the year and was not able to walk even for a small distance. Now all these were things of the past. I was able to work strenuously without getting fatigued.

But I was not able to digest a single roti or even a small bowl of rice. My staple diet for the rest of my life became:

  • Seasonal vegetables: both raw and steamed
  • Fresh fruits
  • An alternate combination of coconut and 100 gms of curd
  • Once in 15 days, I consume cereal - chapatti

I tried every now and then to increase the intake of cereals, but it didn’t work out. But I have no regrets as long as I am living healthily and surviving. Additionally, I would like to mention that my body weight since the adoption of Nature Cure above in 1978 has been 38 kgs and is still the same. During my learning period, I got to know that I was not able to digest cereals due to my low weight and deep encumbrance, i.e., internal toxic accumulation in the body. I had read in Acharya Sri K L Sarma’s book that some people face such deep level of encumbrance that it is nearly impossible for them to recover completely. I am thankful that I was able to find tremendous relief and survive for such a long time, devoid of health issues.

Another bout of serious illness

I was 31 years old, in 1978, when Nature Cure resolved the chronic health issues that plagued me all through my life till then. Life went on fine until 18 years later when a serious type of healing crisis put me down once more in 1996. Though I had been following a natural diet all this while, I believe there was toxic build up in my body on account of stress, food indulgences due to social commitments or what we term as cheat days. Due to low vitality, my body was unable to eliminate the accumulated toxins through the acute modes of cough, cold, fever, etc and this manifested into a healing crisis. All of a sudden all my energy left me and I began feeling tired very quickly. I could not ride my scooter and it became very difficult for me to operate. I knew that only Nature Cure could help me permanently. As Sri Swaminathan Ji was no more, I went to Sri C R Varma of Sanjeevani of Thrissur for treatment. I was kept on a fruit diet for six days and was asked to fast on water thereafter. At the night of the fast, I started vomiting and it continued for four days. A lot of highly concentrated acid came out. I felt a lot of burning sensation all over my eyes, mouth, nose and stomach. Cold water packs were applied whole day and night. Slowly I was given tender coconut in small doses. My weight must have come down by a few kilos. I became very weak, getting up from bed by myself was difficult, and recovery was also very slow since diet had to be given according to the law of vital economy and non-violence. It took me two months thereafter to be able to walk a few furlongs and to gain enough strength to be able to travel to my home by train. It took me 6-8 months for sufficient recovery to be able to be up again to lead a normal life. I got a new lease of life yet again, at the age of 49.

My everlasting bond with Nature Cure

All these experiences helped me build a strong bond with Nature Cure. I’m 72 years old today and believe Nature Cure is the reason for my survival. I strongly believe in the power of this great science as it addresses the root cause of the health problem. It teaches us the art of discipline too because it requires a dedicated amount of effort to continue with these practices throughout life.

Basic nature cure is to be adopted as a lifestyle for the rest of life, it's not a system to be adopted for curing the diseases since the type of encumbrance and deepness is not known. I hope my journey inspires people from all age groups to get involved in the process of understanding the body’s healing mechanism and managing it in a natural way.


(About Vijai S Pawar: I am a 72-year-old veteran practising pure nature cure for 45 years.M.I.I.N.T (1980) certified. I lead a healthy life free from any disease and share my knowledge with others freely.)

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I owe my life on planet earth by the prestine ,and unparallel Wisdom contained in Basic Nature Cure and the Law of Vital Economy .Nobody knows how big is the reserve of energy in the organism


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New life from NC.

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