Overcoming chronic health issues through natural living

Priya was diagnosed with Cancer in the uterus in 2016. Post her uterus removal surgery she got a tumour in her liver. Later, in 2018, she experienced severe backache, hair fall and weight fluctuations. Her doctor recommended a spine surgery but she wanted to cure herself permanently and naturally. She opted for the path of naturopathy & what happened is nothing short of extraordinary. Read on to find the complete story.

Priya Bhayana

37 years, Housewife


Cancer in the uterus

It was the beginning of 2016 when I visited my gynaecologist for a routine check-up. I was worried about my increasing weight and also wanted to find out if I could conceive one more time. But, the ultrasound reports suggested that I had a lump in my uterus. The treatment was started immediately for the next 15 days. After this two-week-long treatment, instead of feeling better, I experienced heavy bleeding. I revisited my doctor, and after another ultrasound report, I found out that the lump had increased in size.

After continuing with the same doctor for a while, I decided in May 2016 that I needed to take a second opinion. The new doctor suggested that I undergo some blood tests, ultrasounds and a specific test for cancer in uterus. A 1.5-2 kg tumour was detected in my uterus. I was advised for a biopsy which revealed that I had Stage 1 cancer. As per the doctor, it was growing rapidly and if not operated, it could reach a higher stage in a mere 10 days. My family wanted to know if I could escape the surgical procedure and get any better. Thus, I consulted my cousin brother who is a skin specialist. He reached out to people in his professional circle and took advice from doctors in Chandigarh and Bangalore. But, in the end, we all learnt that there was no alternative. I decided to undergo surgery for uterus removal. On 3rd August 2016, I got my uterus removed and was put on a complete bed rest of 19 days.

Tumour in liver & disc misalignment in spine

Even though I had resumed my routine, I was not feeling entirely well. I struggled with digestion issues throughout this time. Finally, I went to see a doctor in March 2017. He advised a CT scan and the reports indicated that I had a 9 mm tumour in my liver. I took medicines for the next three months and the tumour got healed.

Another year passed, and this time around May 2018, I started to experience heavy back-ache, hair fall, and weight increase. I had witnessed the same symptoms before getting diagnosed with uterus cancer. I went to see my doctor and he told me that a misalignment had occurred in one of the discs in my spine. This was the reason why I was suffering from acute back pain. He suggested that I undergo spine surgery to realign the disc. I’d begun to realize the unhealthy after-effects of my previous operations (uterus removal and the birth of 2 daughters through caesarean). I passed another four months in contemplation and decided that this time, I did not want to opt for a surgical procedure.

Turning to naturopathy

During this time, by Oct 2018, my husband told me about Dr Salila Tewari. She is an internationally known naturopath and has cured many incurable diseases. I wanted to attain better health and decided to pay her a visit. I wanted to stop living in fear of one illness after the other and live a medicine-free, disease-free life. Dr Tewari gave me a detox plan for 15 days. She explained how my body had accumulated a large number of toxins which were the root cause of my disease. To heal completely, I needed to get rid of these toxins.

For the next 15 days, some of the key things I did were as follows:

  • I soaked dried amla in water each night and strained its liquid the following day. I took it first thing in the morning after warming it.
  • I performed pranayama exercises such as anulom vilom, kapal bhati, bhramri and Om chanting. I also did some basic steps of suryanamaskar. As my flexibility increased, I became more comfortable with performing all the 12 steps.
  • I consumed a lot of liquid drinks and juices made with natural ingredients such as amla, aloe vera, wheatgrass, ginger, garlic, seasonal veggies, coconut water or lemon.
  • For lunch, I ate a plate full of seasonal fruits.
  • I soaked in the winter sun for almost an hour.
  • I started with brisk walking that I increased from 15 minutes to an hour gradually.
  • I consumed soaked nuts as snacks when I felt hungry.
  • In the evening, I prepared a mixed vegetable soup. For dinner, I ate a salad that contained fresh seasonal vegetables.

Within 15 days, I started experiencing improvement in my health. I went back to meet Dr Tewari who asked me to follow the same schedule for the next three months. I followed the diet and lifestyle changes advised by her. My energy reserves were replenished and I began feeling much better. However, I still wanted to be sure that I was completely fine.

Thus, in March 2019, I got my tests done again and was overjoyed when the reports of all the tests were clear! No lumps or tumours had come back. My backache was completely resolved, I didn’t have to undergo any spinal surgery. Ancillary issues around hair fall and menstruation got fixed. I also lost 15 kgs of weight in the process.


After the initial detox period that lasted a few months, I began eating one cooked meal a day. Overall I have continued to follow a natural lifestyle. I make sure to strike the right balance between eating right and eating emotional/recreational foods that I like, in moderation.

My life took a complete turn as I began my journey on the path of following a natural lifestyle. I was in a miserable condition; both physically and mentally during my period of illness. I shiver as I think of the times when I would feel helpless and think about the future of my daughters. But, today I am thankful to Dr Salila Tewari for her knowledge and support that gave me a new lease of life. Today, by the grace of God, I am enjoying good health and leading a healthy life. Naturopathy has given me the confidence to lead my life with a sense of purpose. I recommend it to all people in my social circle as I believe it has the power to bring a positive transformation in abundance.

(About Priya Bhayana: I am a housewife who loves to take care of my family and daughters. I’ve worked as an HR assistant previously. Ever since I’ve understood the science of Naturopathy, I’ve become a firm believer in the healing power of nature.)

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