My triumph over arthritis, chronic fatigue & deficiencies through Nature Cure

Tulika was battling with rheumatoid arthritis since she gave birth to her child. She also had many other health issues such as allergies on change of season, low levels of calcium, vitamin D and haemoglobin. Taking medicines did not give her a long-lasting solution. Her strong desire to reclaim her health brought her to Mother Nature. She empowered herself with the knowledge of Nature Cure and made changes in her life. Today she lives healthily minus the fatigue, aches & pains, illnesses and medicines. Read her inspiring story below.

Dr Tulika Sanadhya (PhD in Geography)

41, Assistant Professor at Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar College, University of Delhi,


My battle with health

Back in 2016, I found myself engulfed by many health issues. From chronic fatigue to hair fall and lower back pain – the list was endless! I took up a blood test and the reports showed low levels of calcium, vitamin D, iron and haemoglobin. My doctor put me on supplements.

My son was two years old, and I had rheumatoid arthritis after his birth. I was taking Ayurvedic medicines for that. But the catch was never to stop them because if I stopped, the arthritic pain would be back. It was especially troublesome in winters when the pain would increase. Taking care of my son with such low energy levels and acute body aches took a toll on my physical and mental health.

With every change in the season, I would fall prey to infection, cold, cough or fever. I would take medicines to overcome these issues. As I was a working professional and my job involved communicating with students and standing for longer durations, my voice was becoming coarser, and back pain was increasing. Despite taking medicines for all my issues, I was still not feeling fine. I was fed up and this led to the desire of searching for an alternate solution.

How change began?

On a friend’s suggestion, I attended a workshop conducted by The Health Awareness Centre (THAC) in Delhi in Dec 2016. The philosophy to live in sync with nature propagated by THAC in this 3-day long workshop really resonated with me.

I learnt that the “Body is the boss” and we must listen to what it is trying to communicate to us through signals. I learnt about the concept of circadian rhythm and how following it helps the body to perform its functions of elimination of toxins, digestion of food and absorption of nutrients efficiently. I learnt that supporting our body through the right inputs is all that we need to do, and the rest the body will take care of itself. There were numerous insightful suggestions on what to eat when to eat, how to eat – all explained with proper rationale.

After the workshop, I was excited to adopt this natural way of life. Under the guidance of THAC, I dropped all my medicines and made changes in my diet. Some of the key changes I made were as follows -

  • I started my day with fruits in the breakfast.

  • I completely cut off dairy, wheat, eggs, processed food and sugar.

  • I included millets like jowar, bajra in my meals. I also ate buckwheat and amaranth flour as part of my diet.

  • I increased my intake of seasonal fruits, raw veggies, steamed veggies and nuts.

Over the next few months, I started experiencing positive changes. I was feeling more energetic; the pains were reducing. I was feeling lighter and more positive. It made me feel that I was on the right path. It seemed that healing without medicines was possible indeed!

Yet in spite of all this, I was falling sick at times. I was wondering why should I fall sick when my diet is so clean. THAC was always there to explain things and suggest the way forward, but in hindsight, I can say I didn’t understand it at that point in time. It’s only when I deepened my knowledge about Nature Cure in the years to come, did I appreciate that I was going through a healing crisis and it was all a part of the process to reclaim my health.

During this time, I also got my tests done again. It was heartening to see that there was a lot of improvement.

Understanding Nature Cure

In 2018, I attended online Nature Cure courses led by Kalyan Sarkar. I learnt the concept of ‘toxaemia’ – toxins accumulated in the body are the sole cause of all diseases. This meant we don’t get diseases from outside; we get the disease because of the toxins that are not able to get eliminated due to enervation ( low vitality). Till now, I had always thought my allergies and sneezing were due to change in season. But now after understanding toxaemia, my fear of the external world went away. I felt I could take charge of my health by clean and natural foods and by conservation of energy-reducing toxins in my body with my healthful habits.

I stopped fearing fever, cough, cold or any of these acute conditions. I had understood that these are just symptoms and the body’s efforts to reduce toxaemia, and I must support the body by conserving my vitality. Thus, rest became an important element in healing.

I wanted to delve deeper into Nature Cure. In 2019, I attended workshops conducted by Dr Arun Sharma in Delhi and Coimbatore. I learnt that the total reliance on the creative intelligence of the body is Nature Cure. I learnt about the 5 elements of nature - Space (ether), Air, Sunlight, Water, Earth - and how we can incorporate each of these into our life for our holistic health. Sunbathing, sun gazing, breathing in the fresh air, exercising, spending time in nature, fasting - I started practising these things more regularly than ever before. I realised that all these are as important as natural and positive food, rest and sleep for good health.

Life now

Since December 2016, I am off all kinds of medicines and supplements. My health parameters and energy levels have improved to satisfying and rewarding levels. I have much more control towards my health and well being. My seasonal allergies have significantly reduced. Recently on family’s insistence, I got my tests done again. Everything was normal – calcium, haemoglobin, vitamin D and even rheumatoid arthritis!

Our body always responds to the kind of inputs (food, air, water, thoughts) we give and it always works towards homeostasis, a state of health. Diseases are our friends to remove the increased toxicity within our body, which is mainly due to intake of wrong inputs. Health is a process and one can experience good health by following a naturally healthy lifestyle. I hope all of you seize this opportunity, witness the wonders our bodies can do and live a healthy life.

(About Tulika Sanadhya: She is a PhD in Geography and works as an Assistant Professor and is a Nature Cure Lifestyle Practitioner & Health Coach. She is fond of dancing, singing and enjoys her leisure time pursuing her hobby. She is presently working towards creating awareness among people regarding nature cure principles.)

Disclaimer: The health journeys, blogs, videos and all other content on Wellcure is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered a ‘medical advice’ ‘prescription’ or a ‘cure’ for diseases. Any specific changes by users, in medication, food and lifestyle, must be done under the guidance of licensed health practitioners. Wellcure believes that each human body is unique and hence no Health Journey should be construed as a "cure". The views expressed by the user in the above Health Journey are his/her personal views and Wellcure claims no responsibility for them.

07:52 AM | 14-01-2020

Can anyone suggest good books on nature cure in English. Please also advise course s conducted near Jalandhar

Tulika Sanadhya

05:13 PM | 14-01-2020

You can read Practical Nature Cure by Laxman Sharma, A lifestyle for Health and Happiness by Kevin and Katy Hinton.

06:33 AM | 07-01-2020

An inspirational health journey!

Tulika Sanadhya

05:11 PM | 14-01-2020

Thank you so much :-)

08:12 PM | 06-01-2020

Heartening health journeys. Are you able to get enough vit d even with Delhi's weather and pollution?

Tulika Sanadhya

05:07 PM | 14-01-2020

Hi Asha
Healing is a process and takes its own course of time. One needs to have the faith in the creative intelligence of the body  It took me two years to normalise my vitamin D levels. Absorption of Vitamin D by body is possible only when we adopt clean eating habits , do adequate rest and sleep , ample excercise and maintain mental poise. As mine was a chronic  condition so i was doing sunbath everyday morning and evening with complete awareness. 

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