Bidding goodbye to spinal surgery naturally

Ashok suffered from acute back pain in the early 90s. It affected his health, increased fatigue and made it almost impossible to continue with daily activities. He began experiencing sleep-related issues and weight gain as well. He was advised to undergo for a spinal surgery. But, once he began his journey on the path of nature, he turned his back on his back pain! He was also able to avoid his spinal surgery. Read the inspiring story here.

Ashok Kumar Sharma

57 years, Businessman


Beginning of health issues

It was in 1991; my back pain had grown severe. I got an MRI of back done and the results showed that I had a slipped disc problem. I went to multiple doctors and orthopaedic surgeons and to my surprise, all of them recommended that I go for spinal surgery. As per the followers of medical science, that was my only cure. However, I did not want to opt for surgery as I had heard its painful after-effects that even rendered some patients as paralytic post the operation. For the following 3 months, I withered in pain. My work-life took a backseat as I attended office on numbered days.

Apart from back pain, I also struggled with sleep-related issues. Insomnia and bad quality of sleep became a regular part of my life. I tried to include yoga in my routine by joining professional classes but nothing seemed to come at my rescue. For almost a year, I struggled trying one remedy after the other; but to no benefit. During this time in 1992, I shifted my home to a new area. Here, I came to know about a naturopath Dr Salila Tewari. I had already tried every possible remedy but obtained no results. Thus, I decided to meet her and understand the course of natural treatment.

Discovering the science of natural healing

I met Dr Tewari and that one meeting changed my entire perspective about life. She explained the cause of my illness rather than treating the symptoms with medicines. Her explanation involved a detailed overview of toxic accumulation in my body that had led to the rise in back pain and sleep-related problems. These accumulated toxins were the reason for my illness. If reduced, I could enjoy a healthier life. These words worked like honey for bee and I decided that I wanted to understand this science of Nature Cure and practice it. Last but not the least she told me not to give up in-between as it is tough and not the easy way to cure but very effective without any side effects...

She asked me to go on a liquid diet for the next 10 days. I consumed amla juice, honey and lemon water and coconut water. On the 4th day, my body gave up, and I was hit by high fever. When I shared this news with Dr Tewari, she was ecstatic as it meant that my body was responding to Nature Cure principles. According to her, the body was hard at work in eliminating toxins and this lead to a rise in temperature, i.e. fever. Once the fever subsided, I started feeling better. My energy levels were higher and to my amazement, I could sleep peacefully at night. The initial days on this path can be overwhelming and Dr Tewari was a constant support. After the first 10 days, she advised me to continue practising a natural lifestyle for the next 2 months.

I added the following changes to my diet and lifestyle:

  • I did yoga every day in the morning for an hour and followed it with body massages. I performed yoga asanas and paid special attention to pranayama exercises like bhramari, anulom vilom, and bhastrika.
  • I took a mud bath, spine hot and cold, hot and cold tub bath therapy and enema every day.
  • I soaked the sun for 30-40 mins almost daily.
  • I continued with my consumption of liquids in the form of juices, coconut water. After about 10 days I also began to include fresh fruits in breakfast and vegetable soup, boiled veggies without salt in my dinner.
  • I walked everyday morning to spend some time in nature and improve blood circulation in my body.
  • I ate soaked almonds, raisins and figs as my morning breakfast.

After one month, I saw a considerable difference in my overall health. My back pain had significantly reduced, I was able to avoid the spinal surgery. I had better quality of sleep, and my energy levels were higher than before. In two months, I also went down from 82 kgs to 69 kgs. I not only felt lighter in the body but also in the head. From someone who had sleep troubles to now hitting the bed at 9 pm and waking up at 5 am; without any alarm, I could now live a normal life. I was also able to get comfortably get back to my responsibilities at work.


Today, I am in good health even after almost 30 years with the help of a natural lifestyle. I now believe in living my life in balance by eating healthy food, performing yoga, swimming (even in winters!). I take a sauna and immediately after that follow it up with swimming on my back, which is a hot and cold therapy. Twice or thrice a year, I go to Naturopathy treatment for about a week for full-body cleansing. The association with Art of Living has also helped me in attaining more mental peace and clarity.

Whenever I have a hectic schedule and am not able to regulate my diet, I try to make up for it later on. One of the principles I adopt is fasting. It gives my body the required digestive rest to take care of the earlier foods and make up for the unwanted burden. It rejuvenates me and cleanses my body.

By sharing my journey, I hope you all get inspired to take a step ahead in making your life better.


(About me: I am a businessman from Faridabad who loves to travel with family and friends. Ever since adopting the practices of a natural lifestyle, I’ve become highly enthusiastic about taking care of my health in a holistic manner. )



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