My healing journey with tonsilitis took a holistic turn!



05:53 PM | 08-02-2021

A few simple lifestyle swaps and a mindset change is all it took for Chitra to overcome her frequent episodes of sneezing and cough and live a more positive, conscious and intuitive life. Here’s her story of determined efforts to a healthier and more holistic life.

Chitra Sharma
33 yrs, Software Test Lead, Mum & Wife

Medications were never an option for me!
It goes back to when I was about 14 years old. Frequent bouts of sneezing and coughing led me to get myself checked for allergies and visit the doctor. But I was never one who liked popping in pills every now and then. My symptoms would rise and fall and so it carried on till my adulthood. I suffered from tonsillitis twice and was advised to get operated for it. Being averse to medical procedures, medications and that style of treatment, the prospect of a surgical procedure caused me considerable stress. And what came next was a lowered immune system. I started falling sick very often and knew that urgent intervention was required.

I found my answer through a podcast
In June 2020, my journey with Nature Cure began. I was listening to a podcast that featured Smitha Hemadri, where she was talking about her own healing journey and her life mission. I connected instantly to her story. The symptoms she described were similar to what I had been suffering. Without wasting another minute, I connected with her and scheduled a call. This was the beginning of a transformation.

The solution was simple, easy to apply and lasting
Smitha patiently explained to me the body’s healing mechanism and introduced me to the concept of vitality and how to measure it. All the lifestyle and dietary modifications she explained seemed simple to me and I followed them all diligently. Going oil-free simplified the meal planning process. Cutting down on dairy was easy, as I was already a vegan for 5 years. And incorporating juices to my daily routine was made easy too, due to the lockdown situation where I was left with more time in my routine. 

How my body healed
The first few days of being on this lifestyle involved frequent visits to the toilet. I was also sneezing a lot more. But I was told in advance that this would happen and so was prepared. It felt great as the body was shedding out toxins. It felt like a heavy detox which stayed for about 4 weeks. There was a lot of phlegm that was getting released from the body, which is one of the ways in which the body throws out toxins!

This would have otherwise been a scary situation, but what kept me from rushing to a doctor was a strong belief system and trust in the healing process. 

 My frequents burps and symptoms of indigestion reduced and I felt more energetic. What’s more, the cramps and pain I experienced during my menstrual cycle disappeared too! All of these improvements motivated me to take up running- something I had never given a thought before. With each passing day, I enjoyed the healing benefits my body was showing me.

The spiritual turn
One unexpected turn that my healing journey took was that of spirituality. Although my parents are involved in spiritual practises I was never spiritually inclined. I always questioned the logic behind it. I never understood the significance of Ekadashi fasting and hence had never explored it. But my journey with Smitha changed it all. The moment I realised that the motive was to give the body a break, I started enjoying it and somedays, I even look forward to those days! This journey helped me grow spiritually. I am not 100% there, but small significant aspects of it have helped me develop awareness, consciousness and intuitiveness. I have come around to understand the intent and importance of engaging in spirituality. 

Being grateful, counting blessings, imagining good things and giving positive affirmations has grounded me and made me a calmer person. 

I change, my family changes
I never forced the habits I was incorporating on any of my family members. Just a few days of constantly observing my new habits were enough to generate curiosity in my little girl and she joined me in my morning juice ritual. And 6 months down the line, my whole family transitioned to this habit. I encouraged my parents to talk to Smitha too, and they too have transitioned to the same pattern of eating and living. 

My key takeaways
Transitioning to this way to living and eating has brought about a sense of acceptance and contentment within me. A few aspects that will forever be a part of my life are daily meditations & yoga practise, developing body awareness and hydrating regularly with freshly squeezed juices. To everyone reading my health story, my giveaway is that the solution to all your health worries lies in eating right, living right and most importantly- thinking right!

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