The So-called 'incurable' Skin Allergy Got Cured For My Son

Avi was 7 years old when he was diagnosed with angioedema, an incurable skin allergy. His parents were struggling to identify foods that triggered the allergy. Avoiding these food plus lifelong medication seemed to be the only way out. They consulted The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai (THAC) and learnt to live a life close to nature. Ever since, there have been no tests, no medicines, no clinical visits & no food tracking. They discovered what it meant to live a full life. Here is Avi’s story.

Avi Bhatia
10 years, Student
Noida, UP

(Avi’s story as narrated by his mother Parul Ojha)

My 7 years old son was diagnosed with angioedema that is considered incurable. If we were lucky, we would have been able to identify the food/ food group that triggered the allergy and hoped that avoiding that along with continuing a lifelong medication will reduce the possibility of an allergy attack. In our case, the food group was pinned to proteins in the diet. We were determined not to resign our son to any such dietary restriction or lifelong medicine. We did an online consultation with The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai (THAC) and followed it by a three-day workshop; our belief in living a life close to nature’s principles was reinforced. There have been no tests, no medicines, no clinical visits and no food tracking since. We’ve rediscovered what it meant to live a full life.

History of ailment

Jan 2014: At least once a week our son Avi would wake up in the morning with his right eye swollen. This would become better during the day and vanish by the day end. Avi was only 7 years at that time and this was affecting his self-confidence. He would not want to go to school on such days, would not even want to go out to play in the evenings. He’d feel awkward to meet people and would be very secluded.

We were tracking his food closely, however were unable to identify the trigger to an allergic reaction. We were suggested an expensive allergy identifier test that tested him for 400 triggers and identified the cause. He was on allopathic anti-allergy medicine for two months but periodically the swelling would reappear.

One nightmarish day in Feb 2014, Avi woke up to his entire face swollen three times the regular size. He could not open his mouth at all and needed a straw to even have water. His right eye was completely shut and left eye would open only slightly for him to barely recognise people. We rushed him to a renowned homeopathic doctor. The doctor identified it as angioedema-protein allergy and recommended an hourly dose of the oral medicine. Avi’s condition was acute enough for the doctor to share his personal mobile number. We were to report back if the condition did not improve by the evening. By the evening, the condition had improved only 20%. We were asked to be patient. By next morning Avi was much better, but we had to continue out weekly trips to the doctor for the next 4 months. We were to maintain a daily chart of what Avi ate to be able to identify the trigger to the allergy. He was off all protein rich diet and still simple food as bhindi could trigger the attack any day. Even after 4 months, we hadn’t been able to zero down on food group that had to be avoided.

The turning point

We were introduced to The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai (THAC) and the understanding of our body and food was undergoing a shift. We raised Avi’s health issue to THAC. What came out were astonishing revelations about the cause and even more surprising remedies.

We learnt that Skin being the largest surface area in the body, deals with balancing our body on mental, digestive and physical level. Over-exerting at any level shows on the skin as rash or swelling. The two primary reasons for the allergic reaction were inadequate rest (overexerting at physical level) and the amount of cooked food in the diet (overexerting at digestive level). Avi was suggested to increase his rest and improve the quality of the resting period. He was also suggested to be having not more than 2 cooked meals in the day and be completely off wheat and dairy. There were many practical challenges in incorporating these changes & many others, but we stringently followed nature’s principles for restoring the well-being of our son.

What changed?

Avi’s day now began with fruits and his breakfast and evening snacks comprised only fruits. This helped the body reach its natural alkaline state. We reduced the cooked meals to not more than two a day and ensuring that they had a substantial raw component. This enabled better digestion and assimilation of the nutrients.

Avi was to have 10 hours of sleep a day. This included an uninterrupted night sleep of minimum 8 hours. This enabled his repair mechanism work better and elimination working through the regular route rather than resorting to Skin as a medium.

We stopped all medicines, understanding that all of them increase the toxicity in the body and body will have to do additional work to eliminate the toxins

We started treating his illness with patience and compassion and understanding the why of the illness rather than focus on the remedies.


Soon, the results began to show. The frequency and the intensity of the allergic reactions was reducing. Avi was recovering faster from each attack. Avi was also becoming emotionally stronger to deal with the situation. We started experiencing the symptoms vanish harmoniously as we increased the relaxation and fruit intake. We stopped tracking his food chart, stopped all medicine and continued to follow the natural way of living. By the end of the year we had forgotten what it meant to wake up each day and check Avi’s face for the swelling that may have appeared. No, there has not been any swelling since. He wakes up with dreamy innocent eyes, ready for his glass of juice. His general health has improved considerably. He falls ill less often and recovers faster. He needs only rest and natural diet to restore any lost balance manifesting as a disease.

(About Parul Ojha: The above story is about Avi Bhatia, as narrated by Parul, his mother. Parul is a post graduate in finance & marketing, she works with a leading multinational UK bank. She is a proud mother of two beautiful kids and loves to do creative writing in her free time.)



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12:44 PM | 19-06-2019

Thankyou for sharing . It proves that nature is the best doctor . More we live in touch with nature more we stay away from diseases. 😊


08:14 PM | 20-12-2018

Very inspiring .. I can understand this as I myself was in a similar condition and there was no pattern. However quitting those triggers and natural healing helped me which I was able to apply to my daughters skin issues too. Thanks for sharing .. quite inspiring to share with parents having kids with skin issues .

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