I Took Care Of Herniation In Lower Back Naturally

Abha was conscious about her health since childhood. Yoga and walking barefoot on green grass were all routine activities. She knew people with illnesses who had cured themselves naturally, without medicines. So, when Abha suffered from herniation in lower back, she knew what to do. She consulted The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai (THAC) and learnt that the body can heal itself when given the right environment. She made changes in her lifestyle and got rid of herniation. Today, she continues to carry out all her usual activites, her most favourite one being lifting babies and running around with them at playschool. She’s pain free, fear free, medicine free. Here is her story.

Abha Oberoi
46 years, Play school teacher

Health conscious since childhood

Ever since I was a kid, I was very conscious about my health because my dad was a health freak. He would make sure I get up early and go for my morning walk and do things like walking on the grass. He also had a yoga instructor coming home to teach us yoga. So I followed this lifestyle since childhood, ever since I was 6 or 7 years old.

After marriage, I learnt Reiki, then from there, I went on to learn pranic healing.During pranic healing, I came across someone who cured her diabetes after changing her lifestyle. I also met a friend who cured her breast lumps by following natural way of living. Through her I got introduced to The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai (THAC) and in August 2015 I did their workshop in Delhi.

My motivation to attend the workshop was simply to make myself and my near and dear ones healthy. It was also an added thing for my pranic healing, the right kind of food and lifestyle helped me do pranic healing better. After following this changed lifestyle, I felt lighter. I had a bloating problem which subsided and my extra weight started shedding off. I could feel the change, i felt extremely energetic.

Onset of severe backache

It was in 2016 November that I had a severe backache. I visited a physiotherapist and got physiotherapy done, but the pain progressed and it started going to my legs. Everyone in my family insisted that I should go and meet an orthopedician and get my mri done. When I got my MRI done, it turned out there was herniation in my lower back. The pain that was going to my leg, doctors were saying this could be sciatica. Doctors advised me that I have to be very careful with my posture, I won't be able to sit on the ground, I won’t be able to lift weight.

Since I am a play school teacher, I have to lift babies and run around with them. But after my results I realised doing all this won’t be possible. In my school we have to sit on low height moodas, but now I started carrying my chair from room to room.

The turning point

From the very beginning in my life, I avoid going to doctors. If ever I had to take any medicine, my first choice was homeopathy. I was certain that going to an orthopedician is not going to help because ultimately they would advise surgery. My key learning from the THAC workshop was that the body can heal itself given the right environment. So I decided to consult THAC instead.

My course of action

During my consultation, I learnt that the pain is because of acid built up in my body. Any form of pain in the body means a disbalance in the acid-alkaline balance in the body.

I went off grains as grains are acidic by nature. Also I was guided to increase intake of raw food. I increased drinking green vegetable juice, I was supposed to take three to four glasses between 12 PM - 6: 30 PM.

Earlier, I used to drink water first thing in the morning. I was told to replace it with soaked raisins as it’s better to eat your water rather than drinking it.

Apart from that, I included regular sunning in my daily routine.

One important thing I followed was taking rest. Earlier, even if I was in pain, I used to get up to do my daily chores. But now I did rest for 15 – 20 days at a stretch. And within these days I felt like I am almost back to normal !!!

Back to the routine

I never went back to get any test done because I was feeling fine, there was no pain, no stiffness. Because of my illness I was scared I won’t be able to work as I used to, but nothing like that happened. It has been almost one and a half years and I am absolutely fine. I am sitting on the floor, sitting on the moodas, I am running around with babies and herniation hasn’t come back.

Moving ahead with faith

I did strictly continue this lifestyle for 2-3 months. Now I focus on striking a balance. My intake of raw food is high and i do proper sunning. Earlier I used to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning for my meditation, but now I make sure I get 7 hours of sleep. Even if I miss it, I make up for the extra one hour in the afternoon like sleeping in the dark and keeping a towel on my stomach. In terms of food, I have gone back to eating grains, but I only consume it in the afternoons and at night I just eat raw or steamed. The biggest thing i have learnt is that if i’m unwell, i have to understand what my body needs and i have to provide that.

(About Abha Oberoi: Abha is a teacher at Pallavan, a leading playschool in Gurgaon. She enjoys the company of babies and loves her work. In her free time, she likes reading & cooking.)




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