Nature helped me heal from a multitude of ailments to a state of pristine health

Della Upsher was chronically ill for many years suffering from various conditions like heart trouble, arthritis, vertigo, liver decline, spinal curvature, depression etc. Coming upon literature of natural healing methods changed her course of life in many ways. Sincere, consistent implementation followed diligent research. Today, her life, filled with abundant energy and joy sans medication is a far cry from the life of chronic pain and medicine dependent life she led for many years. She is on a mission to spread the natural laws of health with anyone who wishes to get back to nature. Read her magical return to health here.

Della Pusher

63 years

United Kingdom/ Spain

Health problems with a SAD diet

My journey begins, around 5 years back. For 59 years of my life, I was on a SAD diet (Standard American Diet high in meat, dairy, processed foods, sugar, fats and salt). I had so many health issues like vertigo, arthritis, hysterectomy, e-coli, tonsillitis, Ischemic heart failure, liver decline, Toxamaplasmosis, curvature of the spine, depression etc.. I even had a triple heart bypass. I had to take so many medicines including nerve injections for the arthritic pain and had even lost babies also due to my ill health. I never knew any other way and thought this was how life was going to be. I was heading early to my grave.

I was also the caregiver for my husband who was suffering from dementia. I couldn’t breathe well, I couldn’t bend. With so many problems of my own and living in pain I was wondering how I could continue taking care of him. Frankly, I didn’t want to live anymore and had many suicidal thoughts.

The change begins

My step daughter just had a massive heart attack and was told that she needed stents. She didn’t want them nor did she want any medication. She wanted to explore about a natural treatment mode called the Gerson therapy. Since I had problems with my heart too, I thought that I should read more about it.

As I started reading more, the penny just dropped. I realized how much damage I was doing to my own body with the kind of lifestyle I was leading. I realized that if I made changes to my diet, I would get better. In spite of being told by my doctors that I was in a chronic state and had to stay on medications for the rest of my life, I continued my research on natural lifestyle and living a medicine free life.

My journey of self-learning and listening to my body

I was 11 stones (70 kgs) and needed to lose weight. I read a book on juicing and did a 31 day juice fast. I lost weight rapidly and it scared me. I was doing it on my own and didn’t know the correct way of implementing it.

But I started feeling a lot better in 2 or 3 months. I monitored my blood levels myself and tapered off the medications and I could get off all my medications.

After juicing, I started on raw food diet of fruits and vegetables and continued on it for another 6 months.

Then my friends Paul and Ulia from the raw food diet movement introduced me to the 80/10/10 diet (a low fat, raw plant-based diet, majorly based on carbs with little portion of protein and fats as prescribed by Dr Douglas Graham in his book the 80/10/10 diet) After reading the book, I realized that all the money I had spent on colonics, supplements or vitamins were a waste of money. The cure was within me and I did not need anything external to heal. So 8 months into my health journey, I started following the recommendations of this book and it really worked its magic on me.

On hindsight, I would advise everyone not to start off aggressively as I did but instead do it systematically with the help of a nature cure practitioner.

Stepping into nature cure

I kept continuing to learn and grow. At a fruit fest in UK, I met my friend Darren Bullman who introduced me to nature cure and explained the laws of nature and natural health. I started following nature cure as made popular by Kevin Hinton. I became a voracious reader of nature cure books. Today, as we speak, I am reading the book by Dr Henry Lindlahr on my kindle. All the books talk about the same thing - The solution to all health problems is not to treat the symptoms. Instead our efforts should be on removing the cause. Once the cause is removed, the body heals itself.

My daily routine

I am 63 years old and retired. Life has given me a second chance. I live on a mountain amidst nature. My diet is mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds all of them consumed raw. I only shop at the fresh produce section of the supermarket. I don’t buy anything from packets.

This is my daily routine

  • I wake up as early as possible (by 7 a.m.)
  • I do stomach crunches which set my system in motion and help me in emptying my bowels.
  • Then I go for a run in nature. I do 6 kms with a break at 3 kms to do a video talk on nature cure for a Facebook group I started to share my learnings. I then walk back 3 kms.
  • Then I dry brush my whole body and have a freezing cold hip bath for 15 minutes.
  • I then do a sun bath for 20 minutes each side - up until 10 a.m.
  • At 10:15, I lift weights and dance with the weights to improve my upper body strength!
  • I then eat my breakfast with seasonal fruits juice such as water melons
  • At 1:00 a.m., I have my lunch of 1500 ml which is again a seasonal fruit smoothie with bananas, mangoes, cherries, and coconut water.
  • Pre-dinner – I have some seasonal fruits
  • I have dinner by 6 p.m. which is a big salad
  • Lights out by 10:00 p.m. and I sleep with the windows and my screen door open to breathe in fresh air throughout the night. I dry fast until the next day’s breakfast.

I drink no water as I get enough water from my raw food diet. I listen to my body for its needs. When I eat something wrong, my body tells me through discomfort. When I eat right, I even smell sweet!

Handling healing crisis

When the body temperature goes beyond 37 degrees Celsius, in Nature Cure we call it a healing crisis. The raised body temperature helps the body to liquefy toxins and expel it from the body. I have taken help from a nature cure practitioner to help me through such conditions.

During a healing crisis, the body is indicating a need for rest in order to heal. I take to bed and fast, only sipping water as per need. I have had 6 healing crisis in the past 5 years and I have handled them all in the same way. I have come out of this with flying colours and my healing has gotten better.

Life is good

My blood work is perfect. I used to go for periodic tests but don’t do it anymore as I live life in tune with nature’s laws. My own body tells me if something is off. I have so much energy and zest for life and feel younger every day. I feel like I can do anything, I can run and climb like a child, I have the body I wanted when I was 20. For 59 years, my body was a graveyard for animals and I realize it was wrong. I also lost the excess weight I carried as a side effect of my healthy lifestyle.

My body is so clean today and I wish for others to learn from my experience. Everyone can get their health back. If I knew all that I know about nature cure as I know today, I would not have had so many surgeries. My mission in life is to pass on the laws of nature. I suffered for so many years with so many problems and a pill for every problem but returning to nature restored my health in just a few months. This path of health is so magical and so simple. I have realized that its not just food but a lifestyle transformation. I keep updating myself on nature cure every single day. I have more than 100 natural healing books on my kindle .

I don’t have money to donate, instead I donate my health lottery to those who want it. I started my facebook page Della’s raw food journey to pass on the laws of nature. I get many positive messages from my followers daily and this also keeps me accountable for my health too. So many have come along with me on this journey and I have seen them regain their health and the best part is that it is so simple.

It’s not the genes we need to put the blame on. It’s the same habits which are passed on through generations which are the problem. Give children a clean diet and lifestyle and watch them thrive. Unfortunately, less than 1% of the population do this. I truly believe that health is everything and I walk the path of nature’s cure.

(About Della Pusher: Della is retired from work but not from life. She loves reading, gardening, going to the gym, walking, and traveling and doing jigsaw puzzles. She is passionate about healing naturally and runs the Facebook group Della’s raw food journey ( to spread the message of health.)



Disclaimer: The health journeys, blogs, videos and all other content on Wellcure is for educational purposes only and is not to be considered a ‘medical advice’ ‘prescription’ or a ‘cure’ for diseases. Any specific changes by users, in medication, food and lifestyle, must be done under the guidance of licensed health practitioners. Wellcure believes that each human body is unique and hence no Health Journey should be construed as a "cure". The views expressed by the user in the above Health Journey are his/her personal views and Wellcure claims no responsibility for them.

11:02 PM | 11-08-2019

What an inspiring journey Della !


10:13 PM | 11-08-2019

Inspiring. Just goes to show that if there is a will, everything falls in place.


04:27 PM | 09-08-2019

Hello Della ...good to read your inspiring story again at wellcure


07:28 AM | 09-08-2019

Wow!! You don’t look your age. The before and after pic is so emphatic! Hope your story will inspire people to take charge of their health.


03:50 PM | 07-08-2019

It's amazing, to read your successful experience and the way you changed your health. You have been inspired by how Mark Gerson, relieved himself from Migraine, through natural means and it's great that you are helping others to become healthy without being caught in the clutches of modern medicine, especially where chronic diseases are concerned.

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