8 Natural Ways To Quit Tea & Coffee



11:23 AM | 12-07-2021

Tea and coffee have become a part of daily life. Many of us are attached to them because of memories associated with the whole ritual of making them and sipping them with friends and family

Unfortunately, these are not health-supporting drinks. They are extremely acidic to the body and when consumed in the morning break the cycle of cleansing resulting in a backup of wastes and toxin accumulation. Toxin accumulation reduces the ability of the body to fight back and invites pathogens to feed on them.

The feeling of freshness or energy obtained from the coffee or tea is because the body’s inner vital energy is drawn out to process the drink. It is a stimulating action. As per nature cure’s laws, every stimulating action will also be followed by the opposite – a crash in energy.

Tea and coffee cause good bowel movements. This is because the body treats it as a toxin and tries to get it out as soon as possible. Even the good food still in the intestine is pushed out without proper assimilation.

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8 Natural Ways To Quit Tea & Coffee:

  1. Reduce quantity and frequency
  2. Reduce the amount and make it weaker
  3. Substitute with alternatives
  4. Use distraction to tide over the craving – Go for a brisk walk outside, do deep breathing, get busy with a chore or talk to someone. Wait for the craving to pass
  5. Take help from family to keep you on track. Request them not to make it when you are around.
  6. Keep away the tea or coffee powder somewhere else if possible
  7. Sniff the coffee or tea powder but don’t have it
  8. Have just a sip, swirl it in your mouth and spit it out during the transition phase. Gradually stop this habit too
  9. During the period of getting over the habit, you may experience nausea, headaches and irritability. This is nothing to worry about and will pass in 3 to 5 days. Please take a rest and sips of plain water or lemon-infused water. Enjoy the cleansing action of your body.

A short period of discomfort is better than getting into a chronic condition.

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