Prep Time
20 minutes
Cook Time
20 minutes
3-4 servings

What I love most about the beetrot is their rich color. Do you know that this indredible color comes from pigment betanin. Beetroot were first cultivated by Roman people.

I love this Raita for its rustic color which makes it more apetite.

This recipe I have steamed Beetroot, Somtimes I juice it and its rich in antioxidants, which helps in detoxification. 








1. Peanut Curd* - 1 cup
2. Beetroot medium size - 2
3. Mustard seeds for garnish
4. Curry leaves for garnish

* Forpeanut curd recipe, click here.


1. Wash and steam the beetroot. 
2. Peel the steamed beetroot and grate them. 
3. Take peanut curd in a bowl. 
4. Take a big bowl,  add peanut curd and mix the grated beetroot in same. 
5. Pour this mixture in your serving bowl and garnish with roasted mustard seed and curry leaves.  
6. Enjoy this rich dark color healthy raita with your saute vegetables.  

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