Stuffed Potato Cups - easy, quick-to-do snack with goodness of veggies

Prep Time
15 minutes
Cook Time
15 minutes
3-4 persons

The humble potato is loved by most and is truly versatile to create a diverse range of delicacies. In this recipe, potato - the most commonly available vegetable in our household, is steamed and stuffed with nutritious filling of vegetables dressed in cashew based white sauce. In this recipe, we forgo the usual white sauce, made with refined flour as refined foods are difficult to digest. A cashew mayo is a healthier replacement.

Steaming vegetables should be preferred over pressure cooking them, as it helps retain maximum nutritional value of the vegetable.


  • Potatoes (large): 6-8
  • Vegetables in white sauce or any other sauce of your choice: 1 cup
  • Paprika powder: 1 tsp
  • Rock salt: to taste
  • Turmeric powder: ½ tsp
  • Steam potatoes, but do not overcook (Use a sharp knife and try to pierce through the potato and if it goes smoothly then that is the limit for steaming)
  • Peel and cut horizontally. Scoop out the middle portion carefully. Do not scoop out all the way through the bottom.
  • Spray salt, pinch of haldi powder and paparika powder (for colour) in the potato cup made above
  • Stuff the potato cups with vegetables in white sauce. Bake the stuffed potato cups.
  • Serve and enjoy the delicious dish.

Eating guide

  • Food group: Vegetables
  • Steaming vegetables instead of cooking them on high temperatures helps retain their nutrition.
  • Vegetables are particularly high in vitamins and minerals and hence a great addition to kids meals.

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