Instant Jackfruit idli

Prep Time
15 hours
Cook Time
30 minutes
Depends on jackfruit quantity

This is a famous cuisine of South Canara ( Malnad region of Karnataka). Jackfruit is a seasonal fruit in summer and is grown in abundance at this time. There are plenty of sweet dishes that get made with jackfruit and idly is one of them. It’s usually made with rice rawa, jaggery and savoured with a pickle. I have used kodo millet rawa, dates and green chutney. Enjoy!

  • Ripe deseeded jackfruit
  • Grated coconut
  • Cardamom powder
  • Cashew for decoration
  • Dates paste ( optional )
  • Millet rawa based on the quantity of jackfruit

- Grind the ripe mushy jackfruit, dates paste and cardamom to a fine paste. It’s best when jackfruit is really ripe and cannot be eaten. When it’s really ripe it becomes soft and fibrous. That’s when it’s best for this recipe

- Mix grated coconut and kodo millet rawa to a consistency of rawa idly

- The mix must be sweet.

- Pour this to the idly stands and garnish with cashew

- This idly is traditionally savoured with a pickle, but I have used a oilfree coriander coconut chutney


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